Another fitness checkin, another parade.

Theres only 13 days left and I still have 7 lbls to go….this is going to be difficult. I need to up the cardio and cut down on the chocolate (I had like 3 slices of cake this weekend…..soo bad…..but….mmmmm….sooo soooo good hehe). So now I’m sitting here at lunch eating salmon, veggies and bit of rice. Its good. Its tasty. But….really, I wish veggies were just a bit more filling….sigh.

In other news, I went to the Puerto Rican Day Parade on the weekend. It wasnt as entertaining as the Dance Parade (btw I’ve decided that although I find parades incredibly dull on tv, they are fun in person) it was massively larger. Just massive. Ricky Martin was suppose to be at the parade…maybe he was but I didn’t see him. I did however see J. Lo go by on a float. I’ll put some pictures up on here later. They are already on facebook for those of you who can’t wait.


4 responses to “Another fitness checkin, another parade.

  1. Suddenly I have Ricky Martin songs in my head…

  2. If veggies were more filling, I think we’d ALL be lookin’ much finer!

    Good luck losing that other 7 lbs! You can do it!

  3. Lots of water…and bananas are filling too. Try the wrestlers’ secret. Before they weigh in, they put on their warmest clothes and get on the stationery bike…hehe. If you’ve been working out, you can use the excuse that muscles weighs more than fat, so you lost the fat but gained muscle. 🙂 worth a shot.

    and…mmmmmm chocolate cake. I’m a big time chocoholic.

  4. ruby: 🙂

    Abigail: hehe true true. and thanks 🙂

    Mousehunter: I never burn many calories on the bike. I’m trying to do the eliptical more often. Just need to be more consistent at making myself do it.

    Chocolate is the best!

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