Museum Mile

So the other day was Museum Mile Day. All the streets from like 82th to 105th street along 5th avenue we’re blocked off for ppl to walk around and visit the museums for free. We (Jane & I, Sadia and Romana were also there but always 1 museum ahead, and Aasia was busy having fun in the rain) checked out the Gugenheim, the Design Museum, took a walk in Central Park, and then went to the MET.

So we’re entering the MET when I get a call from Janet. Jane goes inside and I take the call outside (better reception). While I’m talking on the phone I see this middle age woman taking pictures of a younger woman with a balloon. So I move to get out of the pictures when she comes up to me with the camera. Presumably to take a picture of the two of them, but no. You have good colour she says, could you stand in the shot?

I’m surprised but agree and tell Janet to hold. I pose beside the woman (brown guy, offwhite pants, red shirt, black cell…maybe I am good contrast to white girl with plain dress and silver balloon?). After the picture, I finish the conversation with Janet and walk into the Museum and Jane’s like what was that?

Oh that? I reply, Well I only do pictures, no autographs. šŸ˜›

Anyhow, here are some pictures from Musuem Mile (unfortunately not many for the most part, pictures aren’t allowed inside the museums) and from dinner later that night.

Just a building I liked while walking to the Gugenheim

Museum Mile Street picture

Harp Player

Inside the Gugenheim

Light floor exhibit

Jane telling me she wasn’t ready for the pic


Outside the Gugenheim (you know…..I like saying Gugenheim. Gugenheim! Guuugeeenhhheeimm haha)

Outside the Design Museum

Otherside of Design Museum

Chandelior exhibit

View of city over small lake in Central Park…the pic doesn’t do it justice.

Outside the MET

Inside the MET

Jane with Statues

Me with statues

Jane and Janet….they hate this pic……oh well šŸ˜›


6 responses to “Museum Mile

  1. That looks like a lot of fun šŸ™‚
    I love doing museum-y things, you can learn so much, and having it outdoors/free is always great hehe.

    The colour comment is a bit odd. I would have felt awkward!

  2. Good pictures… though when I was there they allowed you to take pictures as long as you didn’t use flash. My camera now has a “museum” setting.

    That light floor exhibit looked fun. Was there music (I am thinking a dance floor lol).

  3. That sounds like such a fun day! The first picture, of the building on the way to the Gugenheim, I want windows like that!

  4. Liya: Museusm are fun, though I’m a bit museumed out after the last couple weeks now (I went to the MET twice this weekend). The colour comment was odd, but I found it more funny than anything else. And the lady seemed nice so I didn’t think twice about it.

    Haleem: The Gugenheim didn’t, the design museum didn’t. The MET did. And there was music and it did feel like a dance floor, it was pretty cool šŸ˜›

    ruby: yeah those buildings looked really nice to me…too bad they’re probably cost well over a million…

  5. Wow cool musem ahmed, I ecspecially like the staue you ones, you and your friend fit in perfectly :), on your previous post I couldnt belive the sounds that came out that man!

  6. almira: Thanks šŸ™‚ hehe yeah, I like taking silly pictures. And yes, his voice is incredible. He won the competition too!

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