5th Annual BBQ!

On one summer day back in 2003 Anojan was thinking to himself how nice a day it was and how much he likes to eat food. How much he likes to eat food that is grilled. And being the nice guy that he is, he invited a few of his friends to a simple little BBQ in the park. From that small gathering of 9 or so Waterloo CS guys (and a couple girls) began the Annual Summer BBQ, last year….. I think we had about 25-30 ppl or so.

Its a day of eating, and games, and eating, and sports, and eating, and water balloon/shaving cream fights which for some reason always involve ganging up on Ahmed and chasing him around the park…outside the park, over the fence, through the parking lot of the senior citizens home, the park parking lot, through the woods, back in the park and then still not getting him! mouahahhhaah….ok maybe they slightly got me last year at the end…… 😦 Oh and then possibly some eating.

So this year will be the 5th Annual BBQ and it’ll be on Saturday July 28th. In Scarborough. And every single other detail is still in the works hehe. So if I know you and you’re in the area. Feel free to ask for more details and come 🙂 If your some entirely random stranger I’ve never spoken to, well I think it’ll have to stay that way for now.

Here’s some pics from BBQ of past.



Here’s some pics from last year, the 4th Annual BBQ.

And heres a video of some evil friends chasing me with water balloons


5 responses to “5th Annual BBQ!

  1. looks like fun…hmm…what people with no kids can do…hahaha.

    We like to take the kids to a park and arm them with water guns…oh what fun!

  2. sounds like fun. I’m sure its something great to look fwd to!

  3. mousehunter: haha, well thats fun too, just a different kind of fun 🙂

    becky: definitely 🙂

  4. That’s awesome! (Not the “you getting picked on” part. The “you getting together w/ friends” part!)
    Hope planning goes well, and it’s better than ever!

  5. abigail: haha, thanks 🙂

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