Die Hard 4 Mini-Review

I saw Die Hard 4 last night. There were quite a few scenes where I thought to myself oh man, thats dumb, or thats just so unrealistic. But overall, the movie is great action flick that is just a lot of fun. Its a bit over the top, but the pacing is good and its pretty funny as well, in fact there were many moments where I was laughing aloud. Oh and to think of it, the movie had no nudity and almost no foul language. I’ll give a 4/5 and I’m definitely going to add it to my Die Hard DVD movie collection.

Next up on my list to see, Ratatouile and of course Transformers!


4 responses to “Die Hard 4 Mini-Review

  1. The rat movie looks so cute!

  2. I think I like the Rat movie. Die Hard… blech.. can’t agree with your review 😛

    Now A Mighty Heart, that was one movie worth watching for Jolie’s acting alone.

  3. Die hard sound cool, mindless action is good at times. Gotta be in the mood for it though. The Rat movie looks good too, and going to see Transformers next week! We’ll compare notes

  4. ruby: Yes!

    haleem: Yeah I want to see Ratatouille too. Are you not a die hard fan or just not a fan of the 4th one? Mezba told me the trailer for that looked good…I still have yet to watch it but I’ll go check it out.

    mousehunter: Transformers! I’m going to try and see a midnight show with my buddes in LA before I fly back on wednesday. we’ll definitely compare notes. 🙂

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