Back from LA!

I’m back from LA! And it was awesome!!!! It wasn’t a very relaxing vacation but thats not what I was really looking for anyways. It was a lot of going here and there and seeing a bunch of stuff and being a tourist. And I definitely saw a ton of stuff, Long Beach, 1000 Oaks, New Port, the OC, Leguna Beach, Topanga Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly HIlls, Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, Malibu Beach, Malibu state park, Universal Studios, and lots of other stuff which I’ll point out when I put up pictures.

Which unfortunately will not be with this post. I went out with some friends last night and I’m going out again tonight so pictures will have to wait till the weekend. Sorry! hehe. The only disappointment was downtown LA. Theres really like nothing there….its like the anti-new york. Everything worthwhile is outside of downtown in the suburbs. And the downtown core itself is really small.

I also got fairly well versed with the layout of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). I arrived in LA late on Friday, about midnight. Omar was driving to pick me up but was running a bit late so I had some time to walk around and explore the terminal for about 30mins or so. After he picked me up, things became a bit interesting. Without detailing the entire story, let me just present you with:

Ahmeds Traveling Tips:
1) If you’re flying 3000 miles across the continent to visit friends, please provide your flight details. Simply saying 1am at LAX isn’t enough.

2) If you fail #1 please bring your cell phone.

3) If you instead decide to leave your cell phone behind with your family…it helps to leave your flight information with them as well.

4) If you’ve now failed the above 3 steps, remember to bring the phone number of friend your visiting.

5) If you fail #4 and mistakenly call the older sister of your friend waking her up in the middle of the night….you might as well get your friends number from them.

6) If you’ve now left your friends with the only option being to drive in loops around the airport terminals hoping to spot you… helps to stand outside.


5 responses to “Back from LA!

  1. hahaha… knowing omar.. he probably greeted you with a smile eh

  2. Airports are fun.. they have nice gift stores 😀

    Sounds like you got a lot out of your trip! I’m jealous, I want to go to the beach!!!!

  3. LOL…poor Omar! But I somehow seem to get myself into situations like these all the time, though I never learn from them. Great tips 🙂

  4. HAHA, airports…gotta love em. I remember being stuck at O’Hare for hours due to inclement weather. What a retarded airport…it has spokes, so you always have to return to the centre! Not an issue but when they keep deciding to change which gate your new “supposed” flight will be boarding, its a pain walking up and down these spokes, only to get there and find out, they made a mistake!

    The trip sounded great, Downtown LA sounds like Downtown Buffalo..errr or Buffalo on the whole..haha. Welcome back!

  5. mezba: haha, he greeted me with a smile. We both greeted my troublesome friend with a lot of teasing 😛

    liya: haha, true they do have nice gift stores…and chocolate stores!

    aka: hehe, Omar and I were laughing about it the whole time so it was ok.

    mousehunter: Never been to O’Hare…but that sounds like a pain!

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