Going offline

Its my last day! =) I think I’ll leave work in a couple hours and after that….I don’t think I’ll be going online till I finish book 7. No blogging, msn, email, facebook, etc. You never know where spoilers may appear. I mean, they even had spoilers in The Star today! Anyone else think thats really dumb? K, time to wrap up last minute things.

hmm…I just realized this will be my last post from nyc….


8 responses to “Going offline

  1. Hope the move home goes well!

  2. I am joining you in the hiatus. Good bye online world.. until I finish book 7.

  3. Good luck with the move!

    When you do read book 7, don’t mention anything here until I get to read it, which is only after all 3 of my sibling have :S
    I’ve been avoiding all speak of H.P too (stupid newspapers!

  4. Me tooo!! I will be disappearing until I finish the book as well! Man, just 2 days away! I can’t believe it!!!

    I am gonna wear a Gryffindor shirt to the HP party! and I have puma shoes that are the Gryffindor colours! hehe

    Man, I can’t believe itttttt!!!!

  5. Done the book?

  6. Aww..i still haven’t got it…:(

    Will visit more blogs after i’m done…don’t want no spoilers…:(:(:(

  7. I think the whole world went on ‘pause’ the moment Book 7 was released! I can’t believe the Star had spoilers..! The ending for Book 6 was spoiled for me and I’m still figuring out if I should forgive that person….

    Good luck with the move šŸ™‚

  8. ruby: Thanks, it did šŸ™‚

    mezba: šŸ™‚

    liya: thanks, my move went well. haha, but your the oldest? you should get it first!

    sarah: hehe, have fun at the party. Let me know what its like.

    haleem: yep! Overall I liked it.

    miss specs: I hope you got it and read it by now šŸ™‚

    aka: As long as they are truly sorry…and have bought you chocolate or ice cream…I think you should forgive them šŸ˜›

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