Back in Canada
Back in Mississauga
Back in my home home.
Back from the pages of reading Harry Potter.
Back online.

I’ve just been fairly busy and when not busy, just lazy. Lazy in emailing, blogging, and reading blogs. Sorry. I’ll get back into it soon enough.

In other news that I will blog about in detail later (Hey I just said I’m feeling lazy didn’t I?).

I have no idea where I’m living this fall yet (whether at home or downtown).
I have last minute bbq planning to wrap up.
And my house which I’ve lived in for the last 18-19 years is now sold and we’re moving.


5 responses to “Back

  1. Moving is always hard – whether just to a neighbouring city or to another country. It’ll be hard to leave a home you’ve been in for so long! But as they say ‘home is where the heart is’, so I hope you and heart settle down somewhere well soon.

  2. “And my house which I’ve lived in for the last 18-19 years is now sold and we’re moving.” Welcome home eh? haha. At least you are back to being north of the 69th parallel.

  3. So what did you think of HP?? Welcome home btw! Hope you find a great place downtown…and that your family is moving to a fabulous new house…with fountains!

  4. Oooh your new house has fountains?! That sounds pretty nice to me! Where are you moving to? Will you still be in Mississauga?

  5. aka: Thanks, it will be weird to live in a new house…but I’m sure once all the stuff is there it’ll be home soon enough. I’ll miss this place but I’ve moved so many times in the last 7 years that I’m kind of use to it by now…though this is by far on the largest scale. Packing up a single room or even 2 is nothing compared to a full house.

    mousehunter: haha true true.

    Ruby: I enjoyed it. Some parts I didn’t like, but overall it was good. And thanks haha, but fountains will have to wait for awhile.

    liya: haha no fountains…though maybe one day…at least a chocolate fountain for indoors 😛 And yep, still in Mississauga.

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