The more you say goodbye I say hello…

Its been ages since I’ve really blogged. I’ve just been incredibly busy. Let me see if I can remember all thats happened. I don’t have time so there won’t be any pic right now.

July 18th I had my last day of work at TowerData. In August it would have been 2 years at the company. The longest I’ve worked anywhere. It was a great opportunity it and I enjoyed but I was totally ready for a change. Call it the waterloo co-op syndrome. After switching between working and school every 4 months for 5 years it was definitely a bit difficult having to stay put in 1 place for so long. If I hadn’t got into grad school I would have started looking for a new job. I think I’d gained all I was going to from that job anyways.

I flew home to Mississauga that night and drove back to NY the following day with my sister. We did a lot of walking and a lot of eating. Went to some restaurants for restaurant week like Terrace in the Sky and Sea Grill that were just fantastic. Went to a couple of broadway shows that were wonderful (Les Miserables and The Drowsy Chaperone). And spent a good deal of time just walking around new york and chilling in union square. It was really nice and I’m definitely going to miss nyc. And of course all the friends I made there. As a going away present they made a little scrap book for me with pictures from the last two years and then signed it with messages like a yearbook. It was an awesome awesome gift.

Drove back on the 22nd and left behind new york, my home for the last 2 years. And returned to my home home! My house for the last 19years. Its sold now. My parents have bought a new house, still in Mississauga. Actually its only 5mins away from my current place. We just needed a house with a room on the main floor we can make into a bedroom for my grandmother. Going up and down stairs is just too difficult for her now. I like the new place. Its certainly bigger. And I guess its nice that its the same neighbourhood so its not too different…and yet, it’ll be totally different. I know I haven’t really been living at home for about 7 years now but still. 19years in 1 house…I think it’ll be awhile for the new place to be home.

Anyhow, once I got home I didn’t unpack at all really. Instead I had to start packing some more. I thought I had packed a lot into my place in new york… doesn’t compare at all to this house. I’ve been packing forever and theres still so much to do….

In between the packing I had the 5th annual bbq with my friends. It was a smaller turnout than previous years. But we still had 17 people come and all the food turned out great. We played some good games of soccer baseball, ultimate frisbee, badminton (thanks Mezba for bringing the equipment!), and then we ate some more šŸ˜› The weather as well turned out fantastic, those weather people predicting thunderstorms don’t know what they’re talking about. Near the end of the day as what has become an unfortunate tradition, my friends did chase me and try to get me wet. They only semi got me but it turned out fine since afterwards most people got most people anyhow. So I wasn’t the only victim. And with the weather as it was I was almost dry by the time I stepped back in my car to leave. You can see some pictures on my friends online album here -> BBQ Pictures

I saw the Simpsons movie. It was alright. Good but nothing great.

And then i packed some more. And in the midst of all this packing there was the stress of travelling. Or at least trying to travel. See the plan is for my mom, sister, and I to go to fly to Saudi on Saturday for Umrah! But to get the visa’s my sister and I needed birth certificates. We’re both canadian born but we have the original small birth certificate cards and apparently when applying for visas we needed the new longs ones that state who your parents are and everything. We applied for this early in July and it still wasn’t here! After several trips downtown and a visit to the MPs office to try and help expedite the process, we finally go the birth certificates just this past monday. So then we sent them off for the visa application and finally we got visa’s today! A full 2 days before the flight…my parents shouldn’t have worried so much hehe….

So tons of packing to do since we’d fly out this saturday. Return on the 16th and the move on the 18th! Thankfully I’ve finished my school loan stuff but as for finding a place downtown…don’t think I’ll have time when I get back. So it also looks like I’ll be commuting from the new house downtown for school for at least a little while. I just haven’t had anytime whatsoever to look for a place downtown…hopefully the commute isn’t too bad…anyone done the commute before for school? How was it?

I’m really excited about Umrah. I’ve never been and everyone tells me its an amazing experience. So inshaallah it will all go very well. I don’t think I’ll be blogging again till after I’m back…well who knows…but if anyone has anything in particular they’d like me to pray about please let me know. And please pray I remember as well šŸ˜› thanks. I will definitely try.

And finally please pray about the following.

A few days ago I was just sitting at the computer as I am now. Eating some food while reading some random articles when my friend sent me a link to a new article. I clicked on it and started to read. The headline said a local Waterloo student died in an accident at school. I though omigosh (I went to waterloo) thats terrible. And then I started to read the article. And it totally shocked me. I had to read it again. The boy who died was a friend of mine. We weren’t particularly close we only chatted online every once in awhile. But still he had worked with me on school projects, group assignments, and had studied with me. He was a real honest and down to earth person. And its just really tragic that his life has ended at such a young age. InshaAllah his family and friends able to find strength and peace. My prayers are with them.


8 responses to “The more you say goodbye I say hello…

  1. an awesome enjoyable read.

    your catching up sounds like so much fun, im jealous. cant believe you packed in so much.

    may Allah (swt) grant your old friend peace and paaradise in the hereafter.

    anyway, i hope you have a safe journey to saudi. and inshallah, may your trip b filled with alot of peace and fulfillment. plz plz pray i go soon inshallah šŸ™‚

    take care and speak to you soon.

    oh and i havent fogotten: IOU

  2. Enjoy your trip to SA!! InshAllah it’ll go well šŸ™‚ I don’t know how you can stand the heat… I think I would die!

    InshAllah your friend is in a better place…

  3. Wow, you have been busy! The school work commute…not THAT bad. At least you live in Mississauga, so you get the GO Train. Good place to catch your ZZZ’s, or do some extra reading.

    Have a safe trip too, should be an amazing experience!

  4. I’m very sorry to hear about your friend, that’s really tragic… and from the article he seemed like such a nice person. Remember to pray for him and his family on your trip, they must be going through such a hard time..

    Please remember me in your prayers too, and pray for V (even though you’ve never met him), please think of us, even if just for a second! I’ve never been for umrah and would love to go one day Inshallah. Have a safe trip, I can’t wait to hear about it when you get back šŸ™‚

  5. WoW…i hope Allah grants sabar to the family…its so tragic. And such a young life.

    Please pray for us all when you get to Saudia! Have a safe (and fruitful) journey!

  6. Back yet? How was your trip?

  7. sofi: Thanks Sofi, it was awesome! And I did.

    Sarah: Thanks, it was hot! I got sick for a couple days in Medinah but I’m good now.

    Mousehunter: Thanks, I really enjoyed it. And yeah, I hope the commute isn’t too bad.

    Liya: I prayed for everyone šŸ™‚

    Miss Specs: InshaAllah, & done and done.

    Haleem: I am. It was fantastic!

  8. I really like what you hane said about makkah and madina aand your lifestyle their becaude I too went the sacred places but never had time to put it on a website like you have thanks a lot.

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