Week 1.5 at Rotman

About a week and a half ago I went on an Orientation camp with my fellow 1st year mba students from Rotman up at Camp Manitou, about 3-4hrs north from Toronto. Now I called it Orientation Camp because well thats what the trip was called.  But really, it was a 3 day Frosh event at an encampment. When I first told people I was going camping they were like oh cool, are you going to have tents and roast marshmellows? I was like…Umm…no, we’re going to have a Casino Night and a Costume party hehe. But oh well, since I’ve never really been camping before (well once in the desert in Jaisalmer, India. But thats not typical either) this will for now be camping to me 😛

 Anyways, at camp they had a lot of activities planned for us. And they were all a lot of fun, but I wish they had given more free time to just randomly socialize or hang out with people you had already developed friendships with. We had a Trading Game which was pretty interesting involving a lot of bargaining and underhanded dealing when monitors weren’t paying attention. There was a Strategy game which when I first heard it sounded like more of an assignment. But we were only given 20mins to do it in our groups and it ended up being a lot of fun. My group actually won the first round and then came in 2nd overall. And presenting infront of the class wasn’t actually that scary! But I think it’ll be different at school where it actually matters. There was a Marketing game where we given an everyday item and told to market it as a new product. We got a mop and rope, so we dismantled and marketed it as a dog with collar and leash as well a free 2nd sturdy leash if you called to order now in the next 30mins!

Casino night was a lot of fun. I was up $5000 at one point (in fake money of course) but at the end went double or nothing and well…nothing. The parties at night were a lot of fun but made waking up in the mornings really tiring. The costume party and then bon fire in particular were a blast but I really needed some advil on that 2nd night to keep going. I was originally going to go as Clark Kent to the party (the theme was heroes and villains) which is lame i know, but I didn’t have much time. But at the last minute I decided to meet up with some bloggers for dinner/dessert before the trip and saw a Party Packers on my way so I picked up a Batman mask. Batman didn’t seem too popular among the guys, I was the only one who choose that. There were a few Batgirls though.

We had a lot of other events and games and time for sports. I haven’t had that much excercise in years. I played basketball, vollyball, dogeball, tug of war, hockey, 3 legged race type, etc. Oh I played Tether ball for the first time! Its fun! I’m so glad we had a weekend before school really started though because it was exhausting! Overall a blast though, I hadn’t gone to any of the pre-courses or other events so it was my first time meeting a lot of the people. And they’re all really cool people. I think I added over 50-60 people on facebook that weekend hehe.

And then school started. And my life disappeared into books. Its soooo much more reading than I imagined. And its just a really busy schedule thats only going to get busier as tutorials, workshops, info sessions, and actual projects and tests start up next week. And commuting sucks! Blah!

Some things about the program, in case people are interested.
– 49% of the class is from an IT/Math/Computer Science/Engineering background
– 28% is female
– Average age is 29
– 40% of the class is made of international students (which I find pretty cool)
– Sept to May is the school year, divided up into 4 Quarters with 5 courses a quarter. So basically final exams/papers every 6 weeks….eep!
– You have the same group (of 5) for all group work for all courses over quarter 1 & 2
– And then a new group for quarter 3 & 4
– Theres a lot of group work
– Thankfully I got a good group 🙂
– Its a lot of work, but so far I’m enjoying it. 🙂
– Maybe I’m crazy.
– Maybe not maybe…….

 I’m too lazy plus I really dont’ have time to post pictures on here so I’ll just post some a link. Here are pictures I took from the 1st Orientation day at school and then the Camp trip.

Click Here For Pictures!
or here is the url: http://uwaterloo.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2117024&l=c7cbc&id=122613775


6 responses to “Week 1.5 at Rotman

  1. Ramadan mubarak 🙂

    It looks like it was a lot of fun! I’ve only been camping once, and it was to an Islamic camp so seeing the picture of your cabin brought back some bad memories for me (my parents made me go).

    Are you going to be Batman for Halloween now?

  2. OMG you are at rotman too! have fun – I heard the MBA there is a killer course and will take the pound of fless out of you!

    hehe I am just pulling your leg I am sure you will do fine. BTW I heard there’s a LOT of desi ppl at Rotmans is it true?

    Also being the only Batboy with lots of Batgirls must be fun, eh?

    OK OK it’s Ramadan I am going back to being “holy” now.

  3. I went camping when I was in the 7th grade. It was cool. The first day it was hot, that everybody wished it would rain a little…well, it rained for the rest of the week! We were all miserable during teh week, but when it ended we realized we loved it!

    Have fun in school….I don’t know how you do it!

  4. 72% of your class is male? I’m so coming to hang out with you and your classmates!
    You should go camping, tent and campfire style.

  5. Liya: Ramadan Mubarak to you too! Yeah, I didn’t like most of the things my parents forced me to do when I was little. As for Halloween…I don’t know, I havne’t had to dress up the last few years…and the mask was really uncomfortably warm….could be a good thing in winter though.

    Haleem: Yeah, its a lot more work than I imagined…but I’m surviving so far and slowly getting use to it. I remember reading you got into the program you wanted. What program/school?

    Mousehunter: hehe, becareful what you wish for eh.

    Ruby: hmm……i’m still not sure…you need to sell the idea more.

  6. GeekiSiddiqui

    Times flys sooooo fast…

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