Hero Break

Heroes is back!!! And so is Prison Break! And Survivor! Yes, I admit it, I’m a Survivor fan. The only things missing are Greys Anatomy and Smallville but I’m pretty sure those are starting up soon. I’m not really sure when I’ll find the time to watch these shows though…I’ll probably just have to watch them online when I can.

I know I won’t be able to catch them live on tv. School is really busy and just getting busier by the day. Projects are ramping up to full speed and quizes and tests are all going. I’ll have my 2nd Econ test this Friday actually. Hopefully its as easy as the first, I think the median on first was perfect! But obviously that can’t continue.

Another reason I won’t be able to catch the programs live is I won’t have cable anymore 😦 Because I’m moving downtown!!! Woohooo! Commuting was such huge pain. Well its not too too bad really, it’d be fine if I was working. But staying late and then commuting is a pain. And really, I just can’t afford to lose 2.5-3hrs a day. So I spent this past Friday and Saturday apartment hunting. Didn’t really have much success looking at many places but I got a sense of what was out there and I found somethng that met my needs (private, close to campus, and a short term lease). So it works out. I’ll move in on Sunday! πŸ˜€

School has really been flying. I can’t believe that after this week I’m already half done my 1st quarter. I’m starting to get a bit worried about summer interships. And final papers. Projects and presentations I can handle. But 10 page essays?. I’ve never written an essay that long!

The only downside about my school experience so far is that I wish there was more time to socialize. There are different programs out there. Some are more relaxed then others….Rotman is definitely a kick your butt program. But when you do socialize it feels that much better πŸ™‚

Its also kind of like highschool, or heading more in that direction. I know the name of almost everyone in my section. And after awhile, definitely by the end of first year I’m sure I’ll know the names of almost everyone in my class. All my classes are in the same classroom and Profs come to us. I do feel a bit bad though because there are a few people that say hi to me regularly and we chat and I really have no idea what their names are :S

You know what was interesting, my FIT (Foundations of Integrative Thinking) Prof was talking about bias/perception/etc and told us that if he asked people to:

1) Write down the last 3 digits of their phone number. And then guess how many people he has administered the test to in the past 5 years.
2) write down the last 4 digits of their phone number. And then guess how many people he has administered the test to in the past 5 years.

Hmm…maybe you should try it….go ahead.

True answer – ~1075
Mean Answer [3 digits] – 742
Mean Answer [4 digits] – 2811

Isn’t that interesting how just by asking for 3 or 4 digits we are preconceived to give 3 or 4 digit answers? No? Well I thought it was cool.


5 responses to “Hero Break

  1. slmz.
    long time hey…
    i was loving prison break all along- but hated how season 2 ended!!

  2. FINALLY! I have read one post and fast catching up.

    i still remember you telling me youre due to start studying..it seemed like such a way off..and look now. how time flies.

    let me know when smallville is back up, my smallville buddy! and i’lll do the same if i hear anything. i stopped watching PB in the 2nd season (which i blogged about lol, but my bro is still convincing me to watch it as its ‘fab’)

  3. and hmmm, can you let me know if you get any little house updates? S2 should resume shouldnt it?

    (btw..i guessed 3000 lol)

  4. i like blogger better. I’ve been away from the blogging scene for a while too. Hope all’s well in new place

  5. Bilal: I heard the writers originally planned the show for 2 seasons and now are stretching it to 4. Hopefully they can do it without sacrificing quality.

    Sofi: Its about time! haha. Smallville started last week! At least here in Canada it did πŸ™‚ And LMOTP starts today!

    bb-aisha: It seems like a lot of bloggers have been really busy lately and blogging has gone down a bit. I’m going to try and blog a couple times a week though at least.

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