Moving downtown

This past weekend I moved downtown. And to be honest when I first opened the door and looked around again I was like…hmm….this place isn’t all that great….There are many challenges in being a student again after you’ve been working for awhile.

No longer having an income sucks. It changes your spending patterns quite a bit. And living in NY while working is completing different than living in Toronto as a student. And even though you may work long hours when working…school I think is a much more constant work. Perhaps what I mean is unclear…oh well

Anyhow, all that withstanding, once I started unpacking and setting up my stuff. I started to like my place a lot more. I’ll take pictures of it later but basically you walk and theres the dining area and kitchen. To your right is a seperate bedroom. And left of the kitchen is the bathroom. Its basically a bungalow. Attached to another bungalow.

And now that I’ve walked to school a few times….I love it. Its so much nicer to have a 15min walk to school instead of a 90 min commute. I love having the extra time to sleep, study, relax, etc.

Nuit Blanche was this past weekend too. I met up with some friends after moving in to check it out. The first few things I saw were…not impressive. I’d really describe them as weird/stupid/I think I could do better. But it did pick up. I saw some really good galleries, the AGO, OCAD, and then some videos in Grange Park that were pretty funny and entertaining.

Heroes is back! I love it!

Ordering Bell internet was such a pain. Those ppl are idiots. After waiting for 20mins to get a representative I have the following conversation.
Me: And its Unit R
BellGuy: Whats r?
Me: I’m like its unit R
BG: He’s like um…R?
Me: Yes.
BG: umm……my system is down let me transfer you to someone who can help you.
Me: ……

Little Mosque on the Prarie is back this Wednesday!

Oh, time for a group meeting. Laters.


8 responses to “Moving downtown

  1. You will like it downtown – especially once the New Year rolls in – it’s very busy.

    You are right about no income – that was the one reason I took an evening part time course – even though I could afford to live off as usual for a two three years it still affects your thinking and subconsciously the way you spend.

  2. And oh, I am also looking forward to LMOTP – the trailer looks good – but let’s hope they make it less raunchy and cheesy and more witty funny this time.

  3. I really wanted to go to Nuit Blanche but then didn’t end up going *sigh*.. post pics if you have any!

    Did you hear about the show Aliens in America? I watched the first episode and thought it was really ridiculous. Hope LMOTP stays cute like before.

  4. Please put up some Nuite Blanche pictures – I meant to go but ended up studying.

    Good thing you (now) live downtown coz I heard the commute back after the Nuite Blanche was hell as TTC was only running off-peak service and that too till 2 am only!

  5. Haleem: I thought about part-time but I wanted to finish it within 2 years and I wanted a greater chance to meet and network with people. But yeah…you do have to pay attention to how much you spend.

    I haven’t checked the trailer but yep, I hope its wittier this time. The show has tons of potential.

    Liya: Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me when I went out…sorry 😦 I havent’ seen the show. I feel like I already have so many shows and no time to watch :S But whats this Aliens in America show about? Sounds like a comedy.

    Mezba: Yeah, I finished checking out the stuff around 330-4ish so going home after that….would have taken forever. Not to mention the trouble I’d have gotten into from my parents asking them to pick me up from the station.

  6. Sounds like you’re living it up! I don’t know if I could live downtown, too much concrete/brick/asphalt. I like to see grass, and open areas πŸ™‚ , its the suburbian in me.

    Bell sucks eh…hahaaaa. Now not ALL Bell ppl are idiots πŸ™‚ but there are idiots πŸ˜‰

  7. I enjoy being downtown. But…I dont think I’d want to settle here. I enjoy having more space. And a proper house. And all that as well.

  8. oh and ooops…..well theres always exceptions πŸ˜›

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