Turkey Mubarak

Oh man this last week was so busy. A couple tests, a few info sessions, and group meeting after group meeting. I was so glad the weekend was here. And I love being downtown. Its makes things so much more convenient. And also its given me more time and freedom to socialize which is great because thats one thing I really felt was lacking in my return to student life earlier.
After the long week of little sleep and lots of studying  I spent Friday afternoon hanging out with a bunch of students I hadn’t hung out with before and made some new friends. And then I hung out with some other students for dinner and just chilled.

Saturday went to school got some group project work done and then had some of my waterloo friends come over. Went out to dinner at some Thai place and then chilled at my place playing cards and video games. Anojan had the luckiest and longest streak of good cards I’ve ever seen and took the first game but I won the 2nd 🙂

Sunday back to school and more group project work. Then I met up with Mezba and Isheeta for dinner. Went to another Thai place, Springrolls. The appetizers were good but I didn’t care for the main dish much. Wasn’t bad but definitely nothing special. Makes me miss my favourite places from New York. Mmmm…panaag curry w/ shrimp from Spice is sooo good. And cheap! Anyhow, after some wandering around, a stop at shoppers, and a nice stop at Cafe Crepe we checked out The Kingdom.

Its really good! Some parts make you feel happy, some angry, a lot was man there are some scary/stupid people out there and I just can’t understand how they believe/do the things they do.

so overall a great weekend….though it could have been a bit more productive….oh well.

I had a bit of an argument with a friend of mine. Kind of annoying. I guess its a bit of avoidance. But with life being so busy I don’t want to spend any time on anything negative. And yet, when situations like this arise (someone being upset at me. or if i’m upset at someone) I always think about it. But its resolved now thankfully.

so its Thanksgiving weekend. Hence my post title, Turkey Mubarak! hehe. Now I read that Mubarak can translate to Blessed. And that may be the better translation. But I think of it more as just Happy. so I’m just kinda of saying Happy Turkey. Unfortunately, I pause because I know some people will say no no no you shouldn’t say things like that or celebrate it or anything. And I don’t like that it made me pause. I know what my intention is. And what it isn’t.

Its 210am….I have no idea why I’m up. I should really be sleeping.

My internet is still not here. I’m still leaching. And I have yet to be called about setting up the dry-loop connection as well. Boooo…..hello Bell….where are you??????


7 responses to “Turkey Mubarak

  1. Sounds like an event filled weekend. If you’re on MSN today (Tuesday) ping me.

  2. Man, the Kingdom was a really good movie – I have to write a review of it soon.

    Haha you should have had the seafood pad thai – that would have been more filling – you know on the way back from the movie I was almost tempted to go back for another crepe!

  3. mousehunter: It was fun for sure 🙂

    Mezba: I had pad thai the day before so I wanted something different. I think I should have gone for a rice dish. And man, speak up next time. I’d have definitely agreed to a 2nd crepe 🙂

  4. You shouldn’t have to pause about wishing people a happy thanksgiving or a happy anything else…boo on people making you feel like that. Now I want a crepe…

  5. Ruby, I know! Well the pause was more in ppl arguing that mubarak equates to blessed more than happy…but yeah, whatever. I agree with you.

    Me too! Mmmmm, crepes.

  6. Turkey mubarak 😀

  7. hehe, Turkey Mubarak to you too Liya

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