3 down, 2 to go.

Body: I’m tired.
Brain: No, do your work, you need to finish that essay.
RightFoot: I’m itchy, scratch me!
WanderingThought: ictchy itchy scratchy scratchy oooh i got one down my backy
Brain: ahhh I need to focus.
Stomach: hey, lets eat.
WanderingThought: Lets eat and watch tv!
Brain: I’m still on the intro I need to work…
Nose: sniff sniff achoo
Mouth: cough cough
Body: I’m sick! Lets go lie down in bed.
WanderingThough: and eat cookies while watching tv!
Brain: Hmmm….tv….no no no. And you’re not sick. There’s no time to be sick right now.
knuckles: crack crack crack
Brain: stop that
emailFromOldRoomMate: ….dinner…last day i’m town….won’t be back for 6 months…
WanderingThough: oooh that should be fun. maybe we can play poker, i’m in the mood for that
Brain: nooooo, its the friday before finals I can’t…
PB: but its your old roommate, he wont’ be back for ages…
Brain: sigh….i can’t…
Mouth: I’m thirsty
Body: Can we go to sleep now?
Brain: no, need to do some more work.
emailfromFriend: ….wedding…dinner…..saturday….
wanderingThough: oh wow, thats cool. and I’ve never been to a non pakistani type wedding dinner
Brain:  ack…..the saturday before finals….sigh…i can’t.

Ok, I started this awhile ago but got busy so didn’t finish and now i’m not sure where I’m going with it anyways. All I can say is I can’t wait till FRIDAY!!!! Come friday I’ll be done the 2 weeks of craziness. Last week 2 group projects and a group presentation. This week its 2 final papers and 3 final exams.

But after 1pm friday I’ll be done Quarter 1! Wow, that was fast. And then I’ll be able to chill for the weekend before quarter 2 starts on monday….unless i do the readings already assigned for the first classes……well I likely won’t.

But even though its crazy busy. I’m enjoying the crazy busy (excluding missing out on events and the killer econ exam this morning sigh…) I like being pushed and having to work hard and then pulling through and doing well. Its tiring but its rewarding. In some weird way.

Also, social studying (as long as its effective) is fun. Its been a long time since I’ve experienced it and its cool. I’m still making new friends weekly and actually almost every other day. And I just registered for a innovation challenge for next quarter as well. so this is really lacking flow. i’m jumping from here to there. dah well.

I’m hungry. I’m going to eat something. 2 more days and 2 courses to go before I’m done quarter 1!


5 responses to “3 down, 2 to go.

  1. Salaams!

    I am only 1/2 way thru my midterms….i can’t believe how fast this semester is going! 🙂

    G’luck with the rest of your exams, Inshallah, u will do great!


  2. I brought all my books yet have not touched one yet!

  3. Hope everything is getting done and you aren’t killing yourself!

    Next time I get married (I’ve been trying to convince V we must do it again because it was a lot of fun) I’ll plan in a much more organized fashion (right now his answer is “no”) 😀

  4. rofl!! Really witty!

    And a familiar situation. 😦 Thanks for the painful reminder to of us going through this torturing process…:(

  5. HS: Wsalaam! Thanks, time is flying! Incredibly incredibly fast. Good luck to you too, inshaallah we’ll both do great!

    Mezba: Its so easy not to eh 🙂

    liya: Hehe, yes. You two can renew your marriage each year!

    Miss Specs: Thanks 😀 And yeah, its brutal, but we survivied once and made it this far, I’m sure we can go the distance!

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