i’m too tired to think of an interesting title

Its 150am. And I’m not workign. Which is not good. To make myself at least feel productive I’ve made a ToDo list and scheduled what I’m doing and roughly when for the rest of the week. Of course the later I stay up right now the more I’m already straying from that……but hey, I put blogging on the list so at least I can to cross something off as soon as I post this!

I got my stats exam back. I thought I did better than I did. Its not bad by any means, but still it could have been better. The class as a whole did really well though. Which kind of sucks since it changes the whole bell. They like to use the bell a lot here. Something I’m not too use to. In undergrad they used it a bit…..sort of. But its a bit different here when everyone is doing well. See cause now you need an 86 or 87 just to get an A-……..sigh.  As I’m not quite that high….there is no A for Ahmed 😦

Until today! Today I got back my mark for my group presentation for FIT (Foundations of Integrative Thinking). 26.5/30 oh yah! That put me in a great mood since we really worked hard on that. That was the thing that caused me to be working more than relaxing on Eid and had me up till the morning a couple times. Now the mark doesn’t translate to quite a 90 BUT so far its the highest mark I’ve heard of not only my section but out of any of the sections. So while maybe that doesn’t translate to much marks wise…..it just feels good, really good 😀

so Quarter 2 is only 2 days old and I’m already behind 😦  And what am I doing? Well other than procrastinating and not sleeping right now……I’m taking on even more! Yes, I’m not quite sure whats wrong with me. I’m entering the RBC Innovation Challenge, the Fidelty Investment Challenge, and the L’Oreal e-strategy challenge. All team projects outside of my regular team course work……but I think it’ll be fun….hmmm….maybe I should go back and work sleep into my todo list…..

I’m a bit confused about what to do in the future. With my life. Consulting or Product/Project Management, General Management, etc. I have closed the door on Finance or Marketing but they are less likely. Consulting sounds like a lot of fun. And theres travel which I enjoy. And tons of money. And it just seems like a cool job. BUT you travel 2/3 of the time and work at least a 65hr week on average….I’m not settling tomorrow but I am getting old(er) and its probably (hopefully) not more than a few years off at most. And even aside from that. I want a life outside of work. I enjoy hanging out with family and friends and coming home to eat my meals. …….hmmm………but did I mention consulting pays well? hehe. and it woudl be fun.

Not that other jobs wouldn’t be fun but they are less glamourous and pay less. Well less total, possibly the same on the hourly basis….maybe more. Oh….and thats not even talking about competition for jobs. So…..yeah……..anyone looking or know someone that hiring for summer internship positions please let me know! Particularly any international readers I may have. I’d love to go work someplace far away for an internship.

We are 2 days away from the greatest day of the year!!!

I found out today that for our strategy course we have a 40% case presentation. They’ll put us into a new random team and give us 48hrs to prepare. That should be interesting….

I’m starting to get tired so I think I shall sleep now. G’nite all.


2 responses to “i’m too tired to think of an interesting title

  1. The team projects sound really interesting and fun, even though it’ll add a lot more to your already overflowing plate!

    I don’t know anyone in the fields that you’d be looking for internships in, but if I hear of anything in Australia you’ll be the first to know!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Thanks AKA 😀 And yes, please do let me know! I’d love to do an international work term!

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