student by day……student by night….

Being a student, in pretty demanding program almost all my time (when I’m not wasting time) is spent doing something school related. Most of my time is at school or at home working on school work. I hang out with other students. I eat with them, I go say I’ll play squash and workout with them.  We study together work on assignments together. And we end up talking about school all the time (which to be honest while it does get tiresome at times…..its actually fun too. well maybe cause we joke around and act silly a lot too). I go to bed thinking about school and today i woke up thinking about school. Its slowly beginning to dominate my life. Though while it does that I’m also seeming to fight back more and more by procrastinating more and more….the timing of which couldn’t be worse. I’m not too concerned though. Somehow or someway things always get done. But I digress. Or do I? I forget where I was going with this.

Anyhow, to perhaps illustrate my point how school is taking over……or maybe just how much of a geek I am….its 324am and this is the type of conversation I end up having online.

Ahmed: still up?
pb: yea
pb: life sucks
pb: i miss my bed
Ahmed: haha
pb: and my bed misses me too
pb: it is calling me
Ahmed: thats nice
Ahmed: my bed just laughs at me
pb: “pb… I miss you… come… let me embrace you”
pb:  :lol
Ahmed: and my chair doesn’t like me either. it becomes less and less comfortable the longer i sit in it
Ahmed: and don’t get me started on the tv……its a big love hate relationship there
pb:  :hehee
pb: how come you are on bad terms with so many things?
Ahmed: i think they’re jealous of my laptop
pb: maybe we should start a “we love ahmed campaign”
pb: apply some FIT concept
pb: to alter the thinking of your bed, chair, TV etc.
Ahmed: unfortunately my bed in particular has no trouble avoiding escalation of committment…..unless its of course days where i snooze too much. in which case it highlights the sunk cost of being late
pb: OMG
pb: sunk cost!
pb: man you are a NERD!


10 responses to “student by day……student by night….

  1. Now why does this sound very familiar?

    Oh yes.. I am in that same program 😦

    And we have a paper due in 2 weeks (acutally 10 days now) that I haven’t even started yet :-((

  2. Yup…..that’s pretty much how it goes……i can’t believe its almost december. This was probably the fastest 3 months of my life -ever.

  3. If it helps I find that all my conversations with friends involve work, especially those in the same field. Such is life.

    Oh and China? SO FREAKING JEALOUS!

  4. Hey Ahmed I hope you have been doing well brother I can agree that being a student is pretty hard. salaam

  5. I have the same type of conversations with friends here – my life revolves around school and everything school-related. It’s exhausting! That’s why when I go home for the holidays I go into hiding and try to keep away from MSN/Facebook or anything that will throw me back into uni life. Hope all the assignments went well!

  6. If it makes you feel better, all I do is talk about teaching and everyone ignores me! Make sure you give yourself time to breath 🙂

  7. Have I told you about my now defunct search for a wife? LOL.. everyone talks about some things more than others…

    gotta go have an assignment to finish before I head off.

  8. Mezba: 10 days? plenty of time in the rotman world 😛

    HS: Definitely, its been incredibly fast! Do you blog HS? Or are you going to school too? Whats making life wiz by for you.

    Ruby: hehe. True that is just the way life goes I suppose.

    Almira: ALMIRA!!! wsalam, Where have you been hiding? Hows school life been treating you?

    Aka: hehe, it is exhausting sometimes…and yet…I enjoy it 😛

    Liya: That is a challenge. Right now I think I’m procrastinating a bit too much this week :S

    Haleem: haha. I don’t think I’ve said it yet. Was waiting for an actual post annoucing it or something but Congratulations!!! InshaAllah everything goes awesome for you, and you and you’re finance have a wonderful life together 🙂

  9. OMG, you are such a nerd! lol, but hey, like they say…. the best years of your life!!!

  10. I’m pretty sure u know the answers to those questions….HS are my initials, u know who I am!

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