15 more days

15 more days till quarter 2 is over. I can’t wait! Its so tiring. You study for awhile and then you just feel drained. So I read blogs for a bit or I watch tv. No energy or desire at that point to blog….not a lot to comment even. And after awhile I feel rejuvenated. But then my breaks been pretty long so must get back to work. And hence…my blog gets neglected.

I’m not sure what to write anyways. Oh I had a weird dream last night. I was at home in Sauga. At my old house, though for some reason when looking at the windows into what should be the backyard I was actually front yard and street. And there was a huge storm going on. And for some reason the credit river was gouging a path through the street and curving around the corner of my house. Getting closer and closer. Until finally a big wave or rush of water cut even closer and started to hit the corner of the house. As the river was gouging a path it lifted the corner of the house and water started leaking in as well.

Then all of a sudden, as if I jumped a couple hrs ahead in time, the storm and flooding was over. And my parents were coming home. And I had to explain to them what happened.

And then I woke up. Any idea what this could mean? Hopefully its not some symbolic message of how school/finals will go and then me going home to tell my parents the results….


2 responses to “15 more days

  1. It probably means you had to go pee and your body wanted you to wake up….

  2. I am done in 9 days myself….and so much stuff to do b4 then….inshallah it all gets done, and gets done successfully!!

    G’luck with your everything.

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