And I’m back!

China was awesome!!!!!!! I had so much fun! But…I don’t have time to blog on that just quite yet. Soon though, and yes I took many many many pictures!

So schools started up on Monday. Its a 1 week intensive course on Negotiations. So far we’ve had 3 negotiations and I think I’ve done quite well in 2 and ok in the 3rd. Its fun. I’ve always liked bargaining. Schools really started off running though. I’ve already had to stay till 11 and 10pm working the last 2 nights. I think I’ll be home by 5 today though. Hopefully, I really have some other work I need time for.

Happy New Year! Its 2008 already, crazy. Each year I make resolutions, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. But I like having goals.

1) Get in better shape. To do this I’m giving myself a rule. Its worked with moderate success in the past. I can only dessert if I’m eating dessert with at least 2 other people Or if its free. And b/c that might be hard I’ll let myself eat junk food once a week at most.

2) Last term I focused on improving my presentation skills. I feel very confident about my presentation and public speaking skills when I have time to prepare (doesn’t mean I don’t get nervous, but I feel confident I’ll do well). So now I want work more on being assertive in class and in answering questions. And basically improve my ability when I don’t have time to prepare and when I have to improvise.

3) Travel somewhere. I’d like to travel to at least one place (1 place new) each year.

4) To blog more. Over the last few months I’ve really been blogging less. I want to get back to at least twice a week. Even if they are short posts. Just write and get back into the habit.

And lets just leave it at that for now.


3 responses to “And I’m back!

  1. Those sound like great goals! Good luck! Does this mean I shouldn’t bake brownies next time I see you?

  2. very inspirational!
    welcome back..

  3. Ruby: And no, brownies are welcome anytime! And that fits under the free loophole šŸ˜›

    Bilal: Thanks šŸ™‚

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