Afrocentric Schools? Booo to that idea!

If I didnt have a paper to work on I’d write more, but this just seems like a band-aid solution thats not going to help the system overall and is really going to just open up a whole new set of problems. I mean really, an ethinic focused school within the public school system? I don’t like this.


7 responses to “Afrocentric Schools? Booo to that idea!

  1. It’s stupid.

    Black kids dropping out has nothing to do with the school curriculum, it has everything to do with culture. The culture of getting an education is not present there – they are mostly from poor, single parent (no father figure or role model) incomes where the kids associate with other drug taking. weed dealing, trigger happy gang kids.

    Before changing the school curriculum they have to change the social network these kids grow up in.

  2. I agree with you and Haleem. What you’ll end up with is a ghetto, ever seen that movie Lean on Me? Prime example of what’s gonna happen 🙂

    BTW, Lean on Me is about 20 yrs old but its a great movie.

  3. Like the Comic book guy in Simpsons.

    Worst Idea.


    ps. I thought Mc Guinty was elected on a premise that we all are one happy family attending schools together. Whatever happened to that idea?

  4. Ooh I wanted to post something about this idea because it really gets under my skin but I just didn’t have the time to. Like everyone else, I think the idea just sucks and I believe even if it does succeed at first, ultimately it’ll be a failure. The problem isn’t what occurs between the hours of 8a.m. and 3p.m. it’s what happens after 3:00 that’s the problem and why so many of these kids are failing. Haleem is right, it’s about the social network.

    I don’t know about elementary school but in high school (English at least) we approach texts from different points of view (better than in my day anyway) which is why my students had to read a book by an aborigonal Canadian and a South asian writer. Guess who got second highest mark in the class overall? 95% – a black kid. This kid HAS a proper life after 3:00 which includes parents who are involved in all aspects of his school and involvement in extracurriculars – not all kids have this home life to back up school life and that’s what the problem is.

    P.S. I just want to add that 2+2 = 4 in all colours (sorry I heard that on the radio and thought it was cute hehe).

  5. Ethnically segregated schools are a terrible idea, its going back over forty years in history to even consider schools geared towards a particular race. Bad bad bad idea!

  6. Playing devil’s advocate here… isnt it similar to the idea of having language schools (eg Hindi, Tamil, Bengali schools… where one’s culture IS emphasized while learning the various nuances of language.. even though its only one Sunday/Sat a week unlike the whole public health care system… same with Islamic schools that focus strictly on teaching Islamic studies with basic math and sciences) Given, yes what happens after 3 pm should be an issue rather than before and this idea buys a lot of votes for the McGuinty govt.. but advocates of the segregated school would also argue with this. I’m not vouching for one system over the other, but I am curious as to the arguments pertaining to these issues…

  7. Haleem: Thats not actually entirely true. schools promote a hidden curriculum (the part of the curriculum which is not overtly taught which is why it’s hidden, it refers to all the indirect messages you get from school, school practices and what is taught) that basically celebrates the values and norms of the dominant class, if you arent part of that class or culture, then you are going to struggle cause you don’t have as much cultural capital as everybody else, cultural capital refers to all the experiences, the knowledge etc that one has that empowers one to do well, more so than someone who is from a disadvantaged background. Furthermore if some african american students feel like theyre own culture, their home culture isnt being valued as a result of what is being taught at school (hidden curriculum) then essentially what you have is a home-school conflict where students arent going to want to come to school or pursue their education cause they don’t feel that the institution values them or their own culture. its not as simple as ‘catch the bad influences and u’ll get rid of the problem’, the issue is much deeper than that and is embedded within and affected by years of African American persecution in the US.
    This is not to say however, that ethnically segregated schools are the solution, but it does help to explain the reasons behind such an idea.

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