I can see clearly now the specs are gone!

Friday I went and had laser eye surgery! I’ve been wanting to get it done for awhile and I finally went for it. I have to admit it was scary. I was worried about the side-effects I’ve heard about. Well, its been a few days now and no side effects! Everything is great! I’m not 100% yet but I can see when I wake up hehe, I love it! The surgery itself…you know, it kinda hurt! Not a lot, but it was definitely uncomfortable. Thankfully, it went by quick.

Its a bit weird too. I’m so use to pushing my glasses up my nose. Shifting how they sit on my ears a bit. Also for the next week or so my eyes will get tired faster as they recover and thats kind of annoying. Its like after a long day of wearing contacts and you’re tired…except now you can’t take them out. And i’m not allowed to rub my eyes. And I rub my eyes a lot! So not being able to is killing me!!

Anyhow, theres tons more to write, but i’m going to save it for later. And schools out (even though work has started) and i’m committed to blogging frequently again! 🙂


5 responses to “I can see clearly now the specs are gone!

  1. Ahmeeeddd is baaccckkk!

    Can you read this clearly?

    i cant believe youve done it…! My eye sight is so bad i cant afford to get it done (i’m sure that doesnt make sense). which laser surgery did you get done? there are two versions – one where they scrape off the top layer, if i’m nto wrong, and the other is when they slice your eye’s lens. the latter is for people like me who are highly myopic and the thought terrified me!

    glad to read its going well, inshallah, the road to recovery is well on its way.

    must feel liberating not having to think abotu the glasses..or getting up first thing (or if youre anything like me, habitually feeling for them among the pile of mess near my bedside!).

  2. Yay you’re back!
    Wow laser.. I want to (so sick of contacts/glasses) but I’m scared something will go wrong.. how did you get over your fear?

  3. GeekiSiddiqui

    sofi: lol, yes i can read this clearly! I had the 1st one. I could be wrong but I believe its called interlase and then the 2nd one you mentioned is pkr or something, and yeah pkr definintely sounds scarier. And yes, its very liberating. odd cause i’m so use to my glasses, i mean i’ve had them for 20 years but yes, it is pretty nice 🙂

    liya: Yes! Its been way too long since I’ve blogged. Well I was kinda bad…I just avoided thinking about it hehe. But also, after scaring myself for awhile I purposely looked for stories of people that had good experiences. And then it also really helped that many people I know personally have had the surgery and had great results and one of my friends actually had the same doctor that i did. 🙂

  4. wow… so is it actually BETTER than with glasses?

  5. well i don’t see farther, but i have full vision. and i no longer need glasses 🙂

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