One fair meow

So after reading Ruby’s post, I was like ooh, I could go see My Fair Lady! I love the movie so I wouldn’t mind seeing the show but my mom’s not really interested and my friends aren’t really either. Oh well, its not really a must see anyways.

On another note, I’ll be back in Toronto/Sauga this weekend! I have a follow-up doctors appointment saturday so i’m back for the logn weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ย  And my friend caitlin is back from ny this weekend too. So i’ll probably meet up with her, the waterloo guys and bunch of others, should be a fun weekend!

The house I’m at in Ottawa, is great. Its a 5min walk to work. Its a full house, fully furnished with a big screen tv! ๐Ÿ˜€ย  The ppl in the house are friendly. Kinda keep to themselves a bit, but friendly. The house also has a cat. That cat and I haven’t become friends yet. I’d like to be, but its starting to kinda freak me out. It stares at me a lot. Then it walks around the coffee table a few times (while I have my legs up on it). Then it stares at me. Then it goes back to other couch and scratches its claws on the back of that chair and then stares at me again! :S


2 responses to “One fair meow

  1. get canned tuna – the cat will become your best friend

  2. haha, i’ll save that idea for when i really need it.

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