The weekend

I set the gps to head back to Mississauga from Ottawa. It gives me directions and an eta of 10:45pm. Shoot…my show starts at 10pm…blah. oh well. So I head on my way, hmm…not much traffic….no cops in sight…….zoom zoom! haha, it was great! I averaged like 140-145 or so 😛  Made it home aby like 10:10 and caught my show! And don’t worry, while I like to speed, I’m not a wreckless driver at all.

The weekend was good! Met up with Darrin, Jenn, and Fausto and Caitlin on Saturday who I hadn’t seen in ages. Played some Wii, thats a fun system! And had some good sushi. Though Sushi on Bloor is getting tiresome, I’ve just had it so many times now. Sunday went out to lunch with my family and a bunch of aunts and uncles. It was good, but a bit repetitive as everyone is asking about my eyes, and ottawa, and my job. And yeah, understandable, but like really, do they plan it so that they come ask me the same questions again and again in 20min intervals? couldn’t they just for once come and all ask me at the same time?

Speaking of my eyes, my doctor sent me chocolates! Did I choose the right doctor or what? haha. Also about my eyes, i’m still getting use to it. Just little things like I brush my teeth and then i reach to take off glasses so i can wash my face and stuff like that.

Tomorrow, I’m going to start getting in shape! its been decided. It will be done.


5 responses to “The weekend

  1. 140!!! u r lucky the cops didn’t nab u! what show was it?

  2. Your doctor sent you chocolates?!! Okay when I’m brave enough to think about lasering my eyes I’m going to ask you for that doctor’s name! 😀

  3. Seems you had a great weekend Ahmed, you always know how to make the best out of situations!
    “hmm…not much traffic….no cops in sight…….zoom zoom! haha”

    I like this quote by the way!

    Good post, Ahmed! 😉

  4. Hmmmm I might need to see your doctor! Glad the surgery was successful and you’re doing well.

  5. GeekiSiddiqui

    Mezba: It was battlestar galactica hehe

    Liya: haha, np

    Almira: haha thanks for the compliment 🙂

    Ruby: Thanks, yeah I’m happy with the results so far 🙂

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