The key is in the twist

This past weekend I drove down to Montreal to go hangout with my cousin Rasheed. Didn’t do anything really touristy, just a lot of shopping and eating hehe. It was fun! I got some good stuff. And I gained a few pounds… 😦  I checked my weight and I’m up to…166. So, time to start going to the gym again. And I did go, yesterday and today. And tomorrow I’m meeting friends to play tennis, weather permitting of course. I’m committed to getting in better shape! At least 3x a week I’m going to get some excercise!

Random note. Keys and me in Ottawa. They don’t agree with me. I couldn’t open my desk at work. And my house key kept getting stuck in the door. Its really quite annoying. And whats worse I’d get someone else to try and they’d get it open on the first turn. Then I just look dumb! Thankfully I’ve now figured out the tricks. Push in, twist left before right and then open! If that doesn’t work, kick it and try again 😛 Only took me like 2 weeks. I are smart!

There was more to blog about, I’m sure. But I really can’t remember what else right now…so thats all for now. Laters.


5 responses to “The key is in the twist

  1. what do you keep locked in your desk at work? 😛

    ur password?

  2. Did you get a bagel from St Germaine in Montreal?

  3. Keys don’t agree with me too :S

    (but I’m learning)

  4. GeekiSiddiqui

    Mesba: just notes, car keys until the end of the day, and gym clothes.

    Ruby: No, next time!

    Liya: My desk lock, its key and I are now friends. The front door of my house is another story..

  5. I want your password!

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