Money can’t buy me happiness

But spending it……sooo much fun!

So one of things I was looking forward to during the school year was having an income again this summer. Because with an income, you have money to spend. And oh man, have I been spending. In the last little while I bought 3 pairs of shoes, 8 shirts, 2 jackets, 10+ dvds, 2 dvd box sets, and about 10 books or so. Oh and who knows how much on food and gas. I still have to buy some sandals and a camera too. Maybe an ipod….maybe. I’m going to try and cut down a bit cause…..this is getting out of hand.

Of course, I do have some road trips planned so……well….oh well =)


5 responses to “Money can’t buy me happiness

  1. Well you need a camera to document the wonderful times you’re going to have on these road trips on which you’ll be wearing these new clothes and shoes and you’ll want movies and books to keep you entertained during the miles spent driving through fields. And clothes, food and gas are all neccessitites anyway…esp the clothes and shoes. You have to get dressed everyday.

  2. If you get an IPOD I highly recommend the iTouch. Its really cool 🙂

    oh…and don’t forget about us…ummm…i mean Wii 😉

  3. Share money with NICE friends ? 😀 Hehe just kidding, will reply to you soon!

  4. Ruby: Very good points! I almost feel unprepared now…back to the mall!

    Mousehunter: I keep flip floping between the nano and itouch. The itouch does have cool stuff, but I’m not sure how often i’d really use the features…..and if thats the case i really just want something small…but….itouch is cool….

    Mezba: but i already have a xbox 360!

    liya: haha, i think i’ll just share my stories about spending money 🙂

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