late to bed, early to rise = SleepiSiddiqui

I really like the movie “I am Sam”. Its one of those movies that has a few scenes which that will always make me smile and feel good.Ā  I put it on while I did some work the other day. I finished my work and then kept watching the movie till 130am :S

I was working on my powerpoint presentation last night till 130 or so as well. Designing a pitch is both a lot of fun…..and a big huge pain. But we had our first big presentation today. We presented to the chief technology officer at cognos and….it went well šŸ™‚Ā  now we have like 4-5 more pitches next week….with all these meetings…and my own meetings for other stuff……i wonder when i’ll get any actual work done?

I feel so far behind in keeping in touch with people…..normally i’m great at it. I email or msn or txt or something. But I feel really tired/busy these days and…..I’m going to get back to it after the camping trip.

Speaking of camping, i have to get up way too early tomorrow to pick up stuff from work, get gas, and then pick up a bunch of ppl before driving out there so….off to bed. g’nite everyone.


3 responses to “late to bed, early to rise = SleepiSiddiqui

  1. How was the camping?

    Don’t worry, I’m worse at staying in touch with people… yet I always want people to stay in touch with me, selfish I know šŸ˜€

  2. Camping was great! I’ll put up pics and talk about it in a later post though. And that is selfish! I only get emails from you that are replies to my emails! šŸ˜›

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