My million dollar smile

Camp was a blast! But I’m going to save talking about it for another post (soon) when I have the pictures from the trip.

I will say however, that my car has started to make noises 😦 It a weird sound coming from the rear left. Its not as bad when I go fast though hehe. But when I’m reversing its like my car is crying….I’m gonna have to get that checked out. I’ll probably do that this week sometime and then when Im back in sauga (july 4th weekend probably) I’ll get it fixed.

I’m looking forward to July 4th weekend. I have relatives coming to town from chicago and friends in town from LA. Should be a fun weekend.

My friend Caitlin made me an album of….well me on facebook. Just for fun and to show me that my smile is ALWAYS the same in pictures. I know people have told me that….but looking at these pictures… its like I was just copied and pasted again and again. haha. You have to see it to understand. So here you go -> Pictures of Ahmed smiling =)


9 responses to “My million dollar smile

  1. You do have the same smile in every picture 🙂 if it works why change it.

    At least your collage is electronic. I have a friend that filled a giant picture frame with a collage of me. I dont know what to do with it. I dont usually put up pictures of just me but I cant get rid of her present. So until I figure out what to do with it its in my closet (a year and counting..)

  2. Wow…talk about perma-grin. You have it down to a science. At least after the photo is taken you don’t have to wonder how you look…you already know!

    BTW, nice jacket! Did you get that from China? Its kick-ass!

  3. lol… I am with sobia above.. it it works why fix it?

  4. GeekiSiddiqui

    sobia: Well I guess the question is, does it work? haha, well I’m having fun in my pictures so I guess its working for me 🙂 hmmm….maybe surround the frame with more frames of pictures of others? A collage of collages!

    brainsmoke: haha good point! And thanks! I had the jacket maded in India actually. Unfortunately that was the only time I wore it. Its too tight across the back/shoulders now.

    Haleem: 😀 Thanks man!

  5. RE you: yes it does it work.
    Re Haleem: yay someone on my side.

  6. I’m jealous. You do have a smile that works. Most times I think I’m smiling but I look like I’m wincing in pain!

  7. Haha at Amir’s comment.

    I just get a “freeze” everytime someone says “cheese” … just can’t smile for a million bucks!

    perhaps I should do the ‘blue steel’ look.

  8. sobia: thanks 🙂

    Amir: haha, thats funny. but ppl usually think worse of their pictures than others. its probably not that bad.

    Mezba: whats the blue steel look? Just enjoy the moment you’re in and smile 🙂

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