I am soooo tired

But I’m posting b/c its been forever. And I’ve wanted to post and Just haven’t really been able to sit down and do so. And even now I can’t raelly post the way I want to post so I’m just lettign myself type without really thinking what comes out. And so as you can see my sentences are kind of just rambles or streams of thought.

And then pauses……cause my brain stops thinking….and I just kinda wonder, ok what else, what next. my eye itches.

Its been 2 months since my eye surgery. That means, when my eye itches, I’m able to scratch it! oh yah, that feels good.

Work has been crazy busy lately. Its crunch time!

I’ve also been talking to people more about careers at ibm. Its really cool But makes me think. Its starting to make me think consulting isn’t that bad. I’m put off by the travel…but at the same time……travelling is so much fun. Imagine going off to europe or asia or something to start a career? Scary, but fun! And if its a new office, that could be a big opportunity. Even going back to nyc would be fun too. Not that the canadian things aren’t bad either. I really have to find out what exactly is available and hopefully not only do i find something that interests me, but they also like me as well 😛  Well just have to keep working and hopefully this term makes a good impression.

Anyhow, i have lots of pics i put on facebook but i’ll link them later and blog about it another time….hopefully somewhat soonish.



10 responses to “I am soooo tired

  1. You part timers. You have the luxury to go to sleep if youre so tired! :p

  2. We’ve had conversations about traveling. I still remember what you’ve said 🙂 I think if the opportunity presents itself you will know what do. It all depends on where you are in your life, can you afford to pick and leave, or perhaps you’re in the middle of something (like hanging out with “NICE” people 🙂 )

  3. All I can say is if you do take up any work that requires travel, ALWAYS make time for yourself. There are too many people that sacrifice personal or family time because of work or work schedules and get burned. In the meantime, slow down, and take a breather, rest the brain and body 🙂

  4. Go to sleep…and stop falling asleep at the computer 😛

  5. Pictures please!

    consulting is a lot of travel – I had a friend and she quit after 3 years.

  6. Consulting is the BEST job in the world! If you like variety and love challenges, take it on!

    Oh, man. You’re a guy and you can travel to all these weird and exotic places at the drop of a hat to be a consultant to some rich king or something. Do it! For the adventure, if nothing else.

    Oh, and the $$$ too. 😀

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  8. sofi: part timers? I’m full time…for the summer at least for work. full time student the rest of the time.

    brainsmoke: yeah, i’ll see what happens. i’m still exploring possible job opportunities. 🙂

    amir: Thats true, but its hard to turn things down. I like work, but then I also like doing nothing. I figure its not a long term thing but in the short term I wouldn’t mind a job with travel..maybe. If the job interests me.

    sobia: yea yeah….haha

    Haleem: Ok, my next post will have pictures, I promise!

    misspecs: haha to some rich king? haha i wish. but the idea of it certainly sounds fun, the reality…its good and bad. 🙂

  9. Methinks you need to update 😀

  10. Yes, Yes I think you’re right so…..there, I’ve updated! 🙂

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