So I’m back in Mississauga.

I am completely addicted to House. Its awesome! I’m the middle of season 1 right now. The new chairman of the boardguy, I don’t like him! Can’t wait to find out more, please no spoilers!

Somewhat ironically, while I love watching House, I have none of my own 😦  Well I mean I haven’t found a place in Toronto yet for the coming year. I’ve seen a few places but nothing that really works for me. I’m checking out a couple places tomorrow so hopefully that works. I hope so, I really don’t like this going to Toronto everyday, its tiresome. Commuting….what a drag 😛

I still have to put pictures up, I’m aware, but hey, 2 posts in a relatively short time span, at least theres improvement there right?


9 responses to “House!

  1. Check out

  2. I have to get around to watching House. 😦

    Is it really that good, then?

  3. Still hunting? School starts in a week! tick tock … lol

  4. Mezba, that “tick tock” is really not necessary, now you have me thinking I’m late to class lol.

    Good luck with the hunt Ahmed 😀

  5. I hope you find somewhere fabulous! You had really good luck last year, IA it will repeat!

  6. just getting addicted to house.. I’ve been an addict for a while now, you should see the latest season. ITs crazy good

  7. Haleem: Thanks, I have been using that as well.

    Specs: It is! It’s feeling a bit repetitive at times, and I don’t like somethings in the early 2nd season. But I think its because i’m watching like 3-5 episodes a day. Overall its great!

    Mezba: I know!! But I could commute for awhile if I need to. I did last year until Oct.

    Liya: haha, Thanks!

    Ruby: InshaAllah!

    A Happy Hijabi: Oh, give me a couple days and I’ll be there hehe 🙂

  8. Commuting isnt much fun 😦
    I’m thinking of getting some audiobooks so at least I can be kinda productive in that time. Now I’ve already read (ahem listened) to the Harry Potter series and tried to learn how to speak Spanish (unsuccessfully).

  9. haha, good luck with the spanish!

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