Boom De Ya Da!

Boom De Ya Da! I really like that song right now, or at least that part of it.

Its 4am, I’m awake. And I have work to do. And I dont feel like doing it. I’m not really that tired right now either. I fell asleep at 8. It was suppose to be a short nap but then I woke up at 12. I did get a bit done but, meh. I’m in a rather meh mood right now. I’m not sure why exactly. Just a slight funk. I wasn’t in this mood when I fell asleep why now? I dont know, but I know it’ll pass. When I go to bed and wake up again it’ll be gone. That always happens. How that fits in with the Boom De Ya Da thing when its a totally different feel? No idea 😛

If for some reason I can’t explain…

I think I need to buy a sleeping mask, theres just way too much light coming into my room in the mornings.

I think too much.

I’m tired of the 70s show. I watch it if nothing else is on, but I don’t really find it very entertaining anymore.

I think I want to read Lord of the Flies again.

Have you guys heard of the Milgram Experiments? Its craziness. I can’t imagine continuing on when hearing ppl in pain. That reminds me. I want to start a second blog. Just on random and interesting facts or things I come across. Stuff I learn in school or hear about from people or just random things. Like this experiment, the 12 angry men, the golden rule, victor hugo, what machiavellian really means (I always forget), who the differnt ministers in ontario are, and i don’t know. Just various things. Hmmm….but when to start…time seems to go by. Hmm…well no rush, just sometime in the next month lets say. Any ideas for a name?

I’m in the mood for a waffle now. But I’m in bed……the kitchens too far. That and I dont’ have any waffles right now…

Alright its 430, I really should just go to bed. I need to rest, plus I have a bit of a sore throat. The cough is slowly subsiding, but the whole thing has really stopped me from being able to train for the CN Tower Climb. Still I’m optimistic I can still climb it in about 25mins. I’m almost at my fundraising goal too! 🙂 If you can please sponsor me and donate to the United Way 🙂


10 responses to “Boom De Ya Da!

  1. Oh-I like just saw that Discovery Channel commercial on TV last night and remarked to V how cool it was! Then I see this today 😀

    Read Lord of the Flies, re-reading it always brings up new things!

  2. hehe…i liked the start of your blog..”Boom De Ya Da”. I was in a singing mood yesterday. I kept singing to myself as I was walking around the mall.I think my singing skills (yes skills) were lost on my friend and the other shoppers 😛

    Not a huge fan of the 70s show. My “if nothings on” show is Seinfeld.

    Yummy Waffle. I tried going to Demetries yesterday morning for one, no luck, bat alas Sq1 solved that 🙂

  3. the most interesting thing I learnt from the courses so far is that 1000$ question from FIT!

  4. Liya: Its a great commercial eh! 🙂 and I’m so behind on my personal reading 😦

    Sobia: The only reason I might choose 70s over seinfeld is I’ve seen all the seinfeld episodes…but i definitely like seinfeld better.

    Mezba: I liked a lot of the stuff we learned in FIT. I thought it was really interesitng, wouldn’t mind taking more courses like that.

  5. a sleeping mask cannot cure insomnia

  6. Hi there,

    You have been updating! 🙂

    Take care.

  7. I hated Lord of the Flies! Hated it!

    Waffles on the other hand? LOVE!

  8. Tazneen: I don’t really have insomnia, the sunlight is just waking me up.

    HS: haha, yep! I’ve missed blogging 🙂

    Ruby: How come you hate it so much? Now I want waffles again!

  9. I love re-reading books after long periods because you always seem to gain a new perspective or link it to a newer memory. But oddly I’ve never read Lord of the Flies! I think I should go read that next…

    I want waffles too now…

  10. aka: I still have to go get waffles! haha. And yeah its a good book, when schools out you should give it a try!

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