The CN Tower Climb

So as you may know I’ve been collecting sponsors for the CN Tower Climb on behalf of the United Way. Well this past Saturday was the big day. I woke up at 8am (8am on a Saturday! I should get sponsors just for that!) got ready and headed out to the CN Tower.

After registering, waiving my life away and all that stuff they sent us to the starting place. I stretched and was ready to go. My plan, well I was still fighting a cough and sore throat so I thought I wouldn’t run but do a steady but brisk walk. I pop in halls and off I go!

Floor 0 – Alright, lets go. Step, step, step. This is easy.

Floor 10 – I’m still going strong, this isn’t as as bad as I remember.

Floor 38 – I’m at 38 already? Not bad. Though maybe this Halls wasn’t a good idea, its bit hard to suck and breathe at the same time.

Floor 50 – Alright, startting to get kinda tired. Definitely can’t take another halls.

Floor 70 – Finally half way there. This is……tiring….oh man…

Floor 90 – Ok, really need to use my arms and pull myself up now…

Floor 100 – oh man….still 45 more to go….

Floor 105 – Safety guy: “Come guys, you’re almost there!”  Ahmed thinking: “gasping, shut up, gasp”

Floor 110 – Alright, 35 more….just have to get through it…no more looking at the floor numbers

Floor ??? – Getting embarassingly out of breath… I’ve gotta be about almost done now…

Floor ??? – Ok, I’m going to take a peak…Floor 119….sigh…

Floor ??? – My feet are so heavy now…those ppl i passed are catching….can’t let that fat guy pass me…must keep going…

Floor ??? – peaking…125…seriously?

Floor ??? – peaking 129…ok no more peaking…

Floor ??? – OW!!!! What’s wrong with my knee?!?! Where’d THAT come from?!?!

Floor ??? – sooo tired….soo close but soo tired….at least that knee thing went away….

Floor ??? – peaking…138, yes almost done

Floor 143 – haha, fat guys not going to catch me now!

Floor 145 – Yes! Done! 27mins!!! (ok, thats a very average time but oh well).
Staff: Good job! Now just go through those doors and you can get some water on the observation deck

Through the doors: ack……theres more stairs!

Extra floor 3: oh man, i’m dying…

Extra floor 8: seriously? like seriously?

Extra floor 10: oh man…..finally, i’m free….

Observation deck: ok..i’m just gonna sit now…..

15mins later……

still sitting……

20mins later…..alright I guess i should go enjoy the view……oh…..white fog…….nice…..

hehe, anyhow. So it took me 27mins. Its my 3rd time, but its been like 4 years since I last tried it. My previous times were 24 and 28mins so…not bad but I can definitely do better. Its pretty average time overall too. Maybe even on the slow side. But I’m ok with it. And I raised $1050 which is so much more than I though I could so I’m really happy with that. And thank you all to that sponsored me. Its really appreciated!!!


6 responses to “The CN Tower Climb

  1. Congratulations! You made it 😀 And 27 minutes with a sore throat and cough is amazing! I don’t think I could do it, so I’ll stick to sponsoring lol.

  2. That was amazing! Since I am a pretty much into running too, I can imagine all those aches and pains and the ‘where-did-that-come-from’ knee pain too well! 🙂 All I can say is, OW, and well done!

    For such a cause too. Way to go, Geeki!

  3. congrats! wow .. 150 floors eh….

  4. aka: hehe, I’m sure you could do it too! But thanks for the sponsoring! 🙂

    misspecs: Thanks 🙂 It was fun too, makes me want to get in better shape though cause…well I just need to get in better shape.

    Haleem: Thanks 🙂

  5. lifeaccordingtob

    Awesome. I did the climb in 2007. It was really hard. I’m hoping to do in 2009 for the second time.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I plan on doing it again next year. Although its for charity…I think this time I’ll be less focused on raising money and more on just seeing if i can improve my time. So more of a personal challenge. 🙂

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