Am I qualified?

So my friend Darrin suggested the following job for me…..I don’t know…..what do you think?

Suggested Job


7 responses to “Am I qualified?

  1. I dunno about you but I am qualified. Now all i need is a Canadian Visa.
    *evil laughter*
    (see? I’m already in the role…it comes naturally to me!)

  2. haha, brilliant!
    snap it up.

  3. BART = San Francisco transit right…

    Well Geeki, all you gotta do is apply, take the money and disappear. You will be a Nemesis all right! haha

  4. misspecs: hehe, although I admit nothing my friends would say I’m probably overqualified 😛

    saaleha: If it actually was in the toronto area i’d be all over it haha

    Haleem: lol, not a bad idea! 😛

  5. This is hilarious! Although, personally, I think you’re too nice.

  6. Er, Nemesis? If he is from San Fran he may be dealing with the California fires shortly, lol.

    Nah, I agree with Ruby, you are too nice to be a Nemesis.

  7. Ruby: Thanks 🙂

    Mezba: oigh, lets hope not!

    I like how ppl think I’m too nice. You know me so much better than my other friends 😉

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