sooo tired

I’m tired. The next 2 weeks are sooo busy. I have basically 5 papers, 2 presentations, and 3 group projects, and an essay coming up :S sigh…why does my term have to be so back-end heavy.

The Karate Kid part 1 is on tv. Such a classic.

I should be doing my readings for tomorrow right now. Or sleeping. 9am class on a saturday sucks. At least its an intensive and should be over with quickly…

You know what I like about these old 80s movies, they have so much more music in them. I think movies should use more music. Particularly cartoons, I like my cartoons movies to have music. I think thats one reason I didn’t like Ice Age that much.

haha, 80s music is so funny, and yet, you got to love it πŸ™‚

hehe, is there a kid from the 80s who didn’t pretend to do the karate kid kick once in awhile growing up? hehe, i still do it in those arcade fighthing machines that are suppose to sense your movements πŸ˜›


9 responses to “sooo tired

  1. Where did you get your blog layout from? I’d like to get one like it for my blog.

  2. I never saw the Karate Kid before this year. It was on TV and V made me sit and watch it with him and I liked it! If I were on my own the name probably would never have appealed to me πŸ˜€

    Good luck with all your work, I have 60 comparison essays to mark and I’m putting them off for as long as possible lol.

  3. I have 40 pages to read through the latest economic report and write an essay on why things we learnt last year don’t apply… ugh!

    I am still tired from that sushi!

  4. Ahhh the Karate Kid!! Love that movie! And 80’s music is fabulous!

  5. Liya: You never saw it before??? oh my, I wonder what other 80s movies you’ve missed out on…

    Mezba: life is really tiring right now…

    ruby: I agree!

  6. Wax on, wax off!

    Love that movie….!!!

    Good luck with everything! Inshallah, it all goes smoothly!


  7. My friend was shocked recently when she quoted lines from the Karate Kid & I was clueless. I don’t rem movie lines.She watched them all-at least 6 times.

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