wow, my little cousin is married

Wow its been awhile. Well in my defense I was busy with family stuff, bronchitis, finals, and my cousins wedding. Anyhow, I’m back now. And I finally feel I’m on break! And what am I doing for break? Well for the next few days I’m just hanging out with friends, but then……..I’m off to NYC for New Years!!! Should be sooo much fun and I got a few fun things planned already. But I’ll blog about that when it happens. For now, lets go back to my cousins wedding.

It was my cousin Hafsa’s wedding. I grew up hanging out with my cousins all the time and so they’re all like brothers and sisters to me, and Hafsa is definitely no exception 🙂 Due to the weather unfortunately not everyone from the states could make it 😦 But the wedding was still a blast and went wonderfully. I’ve put a bunch of pictures on fb but I’ll put a few here as well 🙂

My neices mendi.

Hafsa with some of the girl cousins and neices

My family with Hafsa

Rabia, Hafsa, Myself, Khaleel

Umber, Me, Afroze, and some of our neices

Hafsa with the girls again.

The Wedding Hall

My Mom and I

My niece and I

Myself, Hafsa, Rasheed


My Nana and I

Hafsa and her husband Yousuf

The wedding was so much fun. Its nice being with family and hanging out. And weddings when you’re involved are a blast. I got to meet a lot of my nieces and nephews from the states I hadn’ seen before too. They’re so much fun to play with. Though a bit dangerous too haha. I get along with kids really well and its great, but then small kids are clingy. And you pick one up, then another wants to be picked up..its easy for them to start fighting or even worse pulling on you and stretching you new white sweater! ah well, at least boxing day is tomorrow 🙂


3 responses to “wow, my little cousin is married

  1. First off, congratulations! She’s a beautiful bride MashaAllah and the couple looks happy!

    Small kids ARE clingy. I try not to start the ‘i wanna sit in your lap’ stampede because i don’t know how to stop it, LOL.

  2. oh and you’ve been tagged!

  3. Specs: Thanks, they were both very happy and I think when you’re happy pictures turn out better 🙂

    haha, true true, but the ones from the states I don’t see often so I played with them….I’ll just have to dress appropriatley (if possible) next time 🙂

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