I am very


After my cousins wedding I hung out with family for a week before going down to New York City with some friends. Although I didn’t achieve my goal of going somewhere new this year, I did spend a summer in Ottawa, made several trips to Montreal (both places I hadnt been in ages) and including this trip got to go to nyc 4 times.

I’ve lived in nyc and since I’ve gone there many times this year I treated this more as a relaxing vacation to just hang out with friends. And it was great! I got to see Caitlin, Fausto, Janet, Zaina, Yadira, and Anojan along with my non-ny friends I went with.

What did I do, hmm….I saw a Broadway show at the Studio 54! Its a new show called Pal Joey, similar to Chicago but I actually liked this more. Jane and I totally froze in line getting tickets but oh well, it was a fun show. After getting tickets we went to this Turkish restaurant in Times Square. I love it! The Mhilap Borek, is sooo good!

I walked along battery park and looked at the statue of liberty a bit.

I went bowling with friends and won. twice! šŸ™‚ I actually bowled fairly poorly but good enough.

I saw Grand Torino which is a really good movie! And surprisingly very funny, as long as you aren’t overly senstive to non pc language.

I got to go to the Morimoto (the Iron Chef!) restaurant for lunch. Sushi was good but the steam scallops were just amazing!!! omigosh sooo good.

The best part of the trip though had to be new years eve. When I lived in nyc I always came home for new years so I wanted to get a taste of times square for a change.Ā  Now I have a great dislike for cold weather. And to get a good spot for the ball drop you have to get there and start waiting at noon. NOON! Thats crazy! But Caitlins company has an office in the Times Square area so we were able to buy tickets to the office party and go to that. So around 9pm or so. We head down to time square and we reach the security police fence. And has the crowd waits, we pull out our passes and are waved through! How VIP is that! It was awesome. Now we’re walking down a closed street just us and emergency vehicles around us. We get to the centre and take the elevator up the 31st floor.

We’re directly across from the ball drop! Almost eye-level. And you know what? The ball is kinda tiny. But it looks cool. From the nice warmth and umlimited food we enjoyed the party and countdown! And then there was a confetti everywhere! Looking outside it looked like it was snowing! Not a lot of fireworks, but the confetti was cool.

Afterwards we went back to Anojan’s apartment and just played taboo till like 6 in the morning. All in all some good fun and good times.

And in the end I have to think, wow, I got to get on a plane and travel from one huge city to another. I got to eat like a king. Enjoying afghani, italian, sushi, greek, turkish, american, and food by an iron chef.Ā  I saw a broadway show! I got to hang out in studio 54! I celebrated new years closer than the general public can get to the heart of times square while being warm. I got to buy some nice new black shoes on sale. And I got to eat a ton of chocolate desserts šŸ˜›

Alhumdulilah, I’m very lucky.

Pictures are on facebook, I’m too tired to post them up here right now.


5 responses to “I am very

  1. Wow! That sounds like an exhausting trip! But very fulfilling in terms to re-connecting with family and friends.

    The confetti rain sounds like fun!

    Reading your post has bought on a rush of nostalgia: I’m missing my cousins now! I wanna go bowling and bowl ‘fairly poorly’ as well! šŸ˜€ (I love that term, ‘fairly poorly’ because it describes my state too well! šŸ™‚ )

  2. Sounds pretty good, that’s cool that you got to enjoy new years there and not have to freeze outside and still get to see everything! Sounds like you had a lot of fun yay šŸ˜€

  3. Specs: It was but it wasn’t. Though I could always use a bit more time off to do nothign šŸ˜› And hey! though I did poorly that day I’m usually decent…sort of….I normally score near 110 or 140…thats not a range….just oddly my scores are clustered around those numbers….kinda weird.

    liya: Yes, it was great being warm! It was a blast! šŸ™‚

  4. wow that was lucky you got to party there ! I would love to go to NY for New Years! Is good you manage to travel from time to time, it feels so good to go places:-)

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