why are you bugging me with this?

People that ask me dumb questions annoy me. Why are you asking me a question that you should know, you’re the best person to answer, or most often, you can figure out the answer quite easily yourself! And I’m not talking about questions where they really need my opinion or I already know the answer. The first is understandable and the 2nd somewhat so as well. But if its something where my opinion shouldn’t have an effect or I have to look it up to, the same way you would have to, what the heck are you bugging me for? seriously.

Speaking of bugging. Theres a website called Bug Me Not. Basically all those websites that require registration…this site will give you login info 🙂

Also stupidity bugs me.

I watched an episode for the first time of The Biggest Loser on Tuesday. From that 1 episode, I’m hooked! I went to the gym 3x this week! 🙂  But i didn’t push myself as much as I could have there…but its a start. I for the most part made my fitness goals of last year……then december came and food was good…..and now I have to do it all over again…..plus a bit 😦  I will do it though!


5 responses to “why are you bugging me with this?

  1. dude not to be mean, but I stumbled on your blog and after reading like 2 of your entries I assumed you were a girl until you stated you were a guy. Maybe you should ease up on the broadway shows, taking pictures, and basically anything else that girls (or guys that swing that way) are into…just a little advice to help you get chicks.

  2. I sometimes wonder if some people hasn’t heard of the word “Google”!

  3. stupidity bugs me too 😀

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