This and that

I’m addicted to The Biggest Loser!  I think its entertaining and inspiring. Though I recognize the irony of it all when I sit and eat in bed while watching it on tv…..though in my defense I’m only eating cereal! Thats not really unhealthy! And I did go to the gym 3x last week, and 3x the week before. Tomorrow is Wednesday and I haven’t gone this week however….need to change that.


The Raptors. Very annoying right now. The teams totally underperforming. 1st I was hoping for getting into the 2nd round. Then I was like ok just be competitive in the 1st round. Now…..I have serious doubts we’ll even make the playoffs 😦  Bargs has finally emerged though, which is great, but still, I want the playoffs!


The job hunt continues. New things are emerging….nothing concrete….but enough to make me really wonder about what I really want….confusing….


I think I’m allergic to something….I need to go to the doctor and figure out what….I have my suspicions but I hope I’m wrong…..on the brightside…..throwing up is not nearly as painful as I remember it to be…still dont’ want to experience that anymore though….


One of my best friends just got engaged! Woohoo! Congratulations Omar and Sana! The engagement party was great and I can’t wait till your wedding 🙂  Though the added comments I get from my mom about me and my future….blah….


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