Reading should be fun :)

I was reading A Complicated Kindness and about halfway through….not even half I got bored. Its just not engaging me. It has a couple of humourous parts, but its still fairly bleak and depressing. I think to myself ‘too bad’ about the character but I haven’t been drawn in to care more.

So I switched to The Celestine Prophecy. A book that spent 165 weeks on the New York Times Bestsellers list. And I got a little less than halfway through….and I’m bored. I can see why it’s so successful though. Its very new age and spiratual. But the character development sucks. And the plot is barebones. Its really just the writers vehicle to describe his spiritual beliefs….oh well.

I think I’ll switch to the death of superman or I picked up a Michael Crichton book awhile back that I haven’t read yet and I usually enjoy his work….hopefully. I really enjoy reading but I want to read something good!

Oh it really bugs me not to finish these books. I think I use to have some sort of OCD cumpulsion to finish anything in its entirety. I’ve got much better at that now. I don’t like reading to be  a chore. It should be fun 🙂


6 responses to “Reading should be fun :)

  1. I feel your pain. I’ve been reading an interesting series that I quite enjoy. The author is James Patterson, and its his Alex Cross series. Not sure if you’ve seen Along Came a Spider or Kiss The Girls (Morgan Freeman movies), but those 2 books are the first in the series. They are suspence/thriller type. The main character is a psychologist/cop. I actually own the whole series so far, except the latest book which is only out in hardcover (which I hate reading).

    If you want something a bit deeper, try The Hummingbird Saint, by Hector MacDonald, it was REALLY good.

    Something about the US which I envy is they have something called media mail. You can ship books, any size and weight, for one standard price via USPS, so sites like are very popular for book trading. I wish we had something like that here, cuz I would love to trade books inexpensively.

    • I’ve definitely heard (seen actually) of those movies. I really enjoyed them. But they aren’t my typical flavour….I’m not sure if I’d enjoy reading them. I will put The Hummingbird Saint on my to-read list though, thanks!

      And hmm…..Media mail eh….not sure if they have that in Canada. But to be honest….I’m greedy….I want my own library in my own house one day so I tend to buy all my books. I lend them out, but I rarely borrow. It does get expensive…but theres good deals out there too. And if its a good book, its usually worth the price 🙂

  2. It’s been some time since I read a good book. Most of today’s thrillers seem so formulaic and cheesy.

  3. I do that too, and then it paralyzes me and I can’t seem to start another book, but I can’t force myself to finish the old one…

    • I know! I’ve got much better at just giving up and starting a new one….but it takes me forever….and even though I don’t want to I still feel like I should go back and finish those books.

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