I have

discovered that all 9 seasons of Family Matters and all 8 seasons of Perfect Strangers are on Youtube….this is terrible for my productivity……ah well 😛


8 responses to “I have

  1. Hahaha…it’s over…

  2. Perfect Strangers is a classic 🙂

    You’re lucky, they blocked YouTube at work 😦

  3. I know somewhere else where seasons of almost every series are available but I won’t tell you because its been six months and I’m STILL trying my best not to open that site first thing everyday. 😦

  4. hahaha…oh man…all you need now is, dare i say it, dessert to munch on.

  5. What is more disturbing is that you are willing to watch them, and especially to kill your productivity. I am very picky about what I choose to destroy my productivity.

  6. B: Almost! 😛

    Azra: I love Perfect strangers! It was one of my favourites growing up.

    Specs: I must get you to tell me this site!…Mayve after exams though 🙂

    Amir: …its been a bad few days food wise :S

    Sophister: Don’t be ridiculous!

  7. Well perfect strangers I totally understand. But erkel?

  8. haha fair enough. I’ve totally ignored family matters since I’ve discovered perfect strangers is there 🙂

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