Pakistan Pictures

I am Canadian. I’ve always felt that way. With Pride. Growing up I thought of my background as Pakistani. My parents are from there and I visited Karachi several times while growing up. But last time I went was in ~1996. Since then the relatives I was close to there have moved to other places in the world. There are some distant relatives left but no one I really know. Kind of sad actually.

Then in 2004 I had an internship in Chennai, India. And while on it I visited Hyderabad and got to meet all these relatives I’d never met before. The siblings of my grandparents and their kids and so on. It was a fantastic experience that I really loved. I went again in 2006 and again had a blast. Since ’04 I’ve felt more of a connection to India than Pakistan, because of the family presence. And also my knowledge of Pakistan is quite limited. Its an unfair comparison to be true. Comparing childhood memories of going to peoples houses in Pakistan to 4 months of living on my own and traveling India as an adult. Still, I was like…..what am I going to do in Pakistan? Whats there to see there and theres no one there.

But recently I’ve seen several pictures of Pakistan and its really started to appeal to the traveller in me. And while writing this post its also made me think, hey if I was able to establish such a connection with my Hyderabad relatives when none existed, why not the same in Pakistan (though they are more distant relatives, but still). Anyhow, I don’t know where I’d place it on any list. But now I definitely want to go one day and explore Pakistan. Here is a link to one of the albums I saw with some cool pictures.


4 responses to “Pakistan Pictures

  1. I hear you, I haven’t visited Pakistan since I was a kid either, it would be interesting to connect with my relatives there and explore the country!

  2. I often think about life in Pakistan..what if my father didnt choose Canada as his new home, I would be born there, my life would be much different, what would my personality be like (definitely not as it is now). My mother laughs when I tell her this.

  3. Great pics! You must visit and there’s lots to see and do… (just be tolerant of the frequent power breakdowns :P)

  4. HS: InshaAllah one day šŸ™‚

    Sobia: haha, I’ve thought about similar scenarios, but more about London and how I’d have the cool accent šŸ˜›

    Gaia: InshaAllah, and I remember the power outs! When I was a kid it was part of the fun hehe

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