I was letter I by Liya in a volunteer tag type and I feel like blogging so here I go.

The rules: comment on this post and I’ll assign you a letter for which you must list 10 words that you love that begin with that letter. Here I go with my favourite  I words:

1. Internet: I don’t know what I’d do without it! I’m lucky to have friends all over the place and also just being a student life is busy. Its really helped me keep in touch with soo many people. And even meet many wonderful people, including some pretty cool bloggers.

2. InshaAllah: 🙂

3. Ice Cream: Mmmmm! And with the weather getting warmer, I’m going to love some more ice cream very soon 😛

4. India: The first place I really travelled and where my travelling addiction started. And also where I have a lot of relatives that I’m very close to

5. Italy: The second place I travelled and wow, its just a beautiful place theres so much to see. The food is awesome too.

6. Idealist: Because that’s what I am.

7. Imagination: Its fun to be a kid sometimes. And important too I think.

8. Inbox: I love getting mail! Well sometimes its way too much. Actually most days it is. Still I always like getting mail 🙂

9. Idiosyncrasies: Quirkiness is cool. Well its cool in people I’m friends with. In others, its annoying 😛

10. I: What can I say? I love me haha


7 responses to “I

  1. I think the letter “I” is too easy, I should have given you something harder 😀 but I do like your #10 hehe.

  2. ‘harder’–> That’s a word for me to use!! I’m letter ‘H’ or is this cheating? Hmm…

    Geeki, InshaAllah? LOL, that’s very Halal. 😛 Inbox and Internet are my favs too… very interesting list!

  3. lol. you did make I seeem soo easy! you shouold be given another one. Z.

    sooo, any cool bloggers you refer to in particular? :p

  4. Liya: haha, I didn’t find it easy at the time! And thanks, #10 is my favourite too haha

    Specs: hahh, Halal, theres another word for you 🙂

    Sofi: Thanks! It wasn’t easy though! And I gave Z to a friend of mine, so no thank you! How about you try ‘I’ though? Since its so easy 😛

  5. Food not just of Italy but of any place….

    Food is just awesome period! 😀

  6. hmm, since blogging ‘I’ would mean i copy almost all of your answers im not sure thats a good idea. go on, another one..i’ll rise to it…..not X though. :p

  7. Mezba: I agree!!!

    Sofi: Well the challenge would be to use different words than me! But alright, how about ‘J’ ? 🙂

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