20 years from now…

20 yrs from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.

-Mark Twain


12 responses to “20 years from now…

  1. I sure hope that’s true… or do I? :S I am confused now. I hope that I can forget about the mistakes I’ve made and not pine over them too much, but I also don’t want to be regretful about the things that I didn’t do 😦 So I guess I must get out there and do EVERYTHING!!!

  2. This is why I want to quit my job to travel the world. V doesn’t agree.

  3. I would agree with that statement. And Liya, I agree with him too, you have too much fun teaching, to constantly travel can get tiring. You need a middle ground 😛 Find a summer school that pays a year’s salary then travel the rest of the year 😉

  4. Very very true…thats why I’m advocating LIVING and not just existing 😛

  5. Zuljenah: Well I’m not sure about everything, but you should definitely take more risks and do more! 🙂

    Liya: haha, I don’t blame either of you! I’m hoping to do some travelling of my own in the not too too distant future 🙂

    Amir: Man if thats possible I’m switching to teaching!

    Azra: Definitely! You have to enjoy life and the journey to your goals. Not simply think you’ll enjoy life later when you achieve a later goal.

  6. Mark Twain is a smart man!

  7. Thanks for that bit of depression!

  8. GeekiSiddiqui

    deuce: Indeed!

    sophister: That a matter of perspective. To me its more a reminder and encouragement 🙂

  9. love the comment! im going to add to my fb! 😀

  10. GeekiSiddiqui

    What about twitter? 😛

  11. I agree!

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