A day of science

When I was in elementary school we had yearly trips to the Museum, Zoo, Science Centre and a host of other places. They were always a lot of fun then and I still love going to them now. I’ve gone to the Museum a few times in the last couple years but its been years (over a decade maybe) since I’ve been to the Science Centre or Zoo. So this past weekend I convinced a few friends and we all went to go check out the Ontario Science Centre. I had coupons so that helped with the convincing haha 😛  BUT we didn’t end up using the coupons…..since we were able to score free passes!  😀

The science centre was such a trip down memory lane! I remembered a ton from when I was little! And there was a host of new things there too. Space, the planetarium, Electricity, Light, Mirrors, Magnets, the Mind, the Body, Sports, Earth, Water, Music, and a special exhibit on the Sultan of Science (a 1000 years of science from Muslim Scholars/countries) and an Imax movie on the Journey to Mecca, it was all really cool! The best thing about it all, is that a lot of the things are really interactive so you get to play and learn at the same time. And it can truly appeal to all ages and all people. Not just the Geeks 😛

I was there for about 8hrs and still didn’t get to do everything but here are some pics from the day.

The one section I couldn’t get into….next time I’m kidnapping a kid to get in!

I always wanted to do this when I was a kid and now I finally got my chance! 😀  Its basically like a hover car and you control the car via high pressure air valves that push the car.

Here’s Adil reading about how Pluto’s no longer a planet 😦

The reactive floor! You create splashes in the water as you walk across!

So we did this challenge event. There is a wooden box with a 2 foot long hollow tube extending from the front of it. Inside the box resting on 2″ of styrofoam is a baby rattle aka the bomb. From 2 feet away you must remove the rattle from the box (ie. diffuse the bomb) without making any noise. You have 15mins to fashion a device from any of the random junk you find in the room. Apparently this has never been accomplished before even by a group of UoT engineers. Until! Team Ahmed and Adil oh yeah! Just give us 4mins and we’ll save the world 😛  I should have taken more pics though, I only have this final pic after the fact.

Vivian seeing how high she can jump

Vivian and I had a wheelchair race. I won! hehe 🙂

Despite their cheating!

Testing my balance

Adil putting all his energy into testing his karate chop! Becareful ppl, I’ve now learned I can karate chop at 77km/hr! Hiya!

Vivian doing the wall rock climb

Just posing…..for the fun of it haha

Ancient compass

Ancient clock…I couldn’t figure out how to tell time with it….but it looked awesome


I do remember the science centre being a bit bigger though….

All in all a great time! Next stop the Zoo! InshaAllah later this summer 🙂


5 responses to “A day of science

  1. Pluto will always be a planet in my world!

  2. I am pleased teachers get free admission to the Science Centre so we go every year 😀 BUT that kid area is very cool, and when I went last year with V we couldn’t go in because we had no kid! I did get into the kid area the year before when the class I was teaching went there and it really is cool inside. I think they need to make it more adult friendly.

    One thing I’ll always remember from a school trip when I was maybe in grade 2 was that big electricity ball, my mom (supervising!) made me and my friend go up in front of everyone during the show and touch the ball and our hair got all static! Ah, that a long time ago…

  3. The science centre is always fun, regardless of age. More things make sense as we grow up, different things become interesting.

  4. You know I thought the whole thing was kinda kiddish! 😀

  5. Deuce: haha me too 🙂

    Liya: I agree! Though overall there was a lot more adult stuff than I expected….or maybe it wasn’t meant for me and I did it anyways 😛

    Amir: True true. And taking things and being silly is always fun too hehe

    Mezba: I actually thought it had a decent amount of adult stuff. Or maybe I’m just a big kid 😛

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