Team finishes presentation.

The class applauds.

Student J raises hand

Student J: I really enjoyed watching that

Prof interupts:  He enjoys watching porno too

Class erupts in shocked laughter

Prof: Sorry, J. Really didn’t mean that was just kidding around

Student J asks questions and Team answers

Student D raises hand

Student D: Like J I also enjoyed watching your presentation…

Class all looks at prof….

Everyone but student J laughs again

hahhaha poor J…but Im’ still laughing now…..cant believe the prof said that hahahh

oh hahha

in the wrap up the prof says

“I really enjoyed your presentation as well…

everyone laughed (maybe you had to be there and know the ppl) and then continues with actual feedback

“..all kidding aside I mean I liked……”


4 responses to “ahahahah

  1. hahahaha….that was so out of the blue for a prof to say. How old is this prof?

  2. Hahahahaha! Such and awesome prof!

  3. LOL. This wasn’t Corp Strategy was it? Haha I would laugh in shock if Ajay said that!

  4. Amir: It was really out of the blue! He’s….hmm…60 maybe?

    Ruby: haha lots of ppl dont like him but I think he’s great!

    Mezba: lol no no definitely not ajay. I’ll msg you and let you know.

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