Its going to be a long weekend indeed…

I’m sitting in finance and its been almost an hour….and I have yet to see a number….sigh, I thought my days of symbolic math and formula’s were over at waterloo……..sigh…so close yet so far….


4 responses to “Its going to be a long weekend indeed…

  1. My sister’s walima is this weekend so it’s crazy busy for me and midterm report cards are due on Tues. 😦
    if I get a chance to relax I’ll be happy.

  2. 5+3=8

    better? hahaha….
    now get to work…you have a lot of work to do, you shouldn’t be reading what people have commented on your blog!

  3. What’s wrong with finance? Tis HR that kills me!!

    Finance is GOOD. Repeat after me: If Specs can do it, so can I.

    Say it again now.


    Okay, now tell yourself its not even proper math (you haven’t even touched Risk Management yet, there’s no math in finance but some pluses and minuses… and er divisions and multiplications.

    Oh and differentials. But seriously, they’re not that bad.

    Are they?

  4. Liya: Congratulations on your sisters Walima! 🙂

    Amir: sigh…..I know……

    Specs: I actually enjoy financial modelling and I know its weird but figuring out a dcf or npv under different scenarios is fun for me too. Though not enough for me to want a career in finance. BUT when it starts to become almost entirely symbolic math I dont like it anymore. I had enough of that during my undergrad, particularly my pure math course that had almost no numbers! blah.

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