Story#4 – Friendship

This is actually a true story. Involving two friends of mine, Fred and Paul. Fred I\’m good friends with, Paul I just kind of know. I met them both in first year, which happens to be when they first met each other as well. Btw, no one in this story is gay, just in case it was coming across like that 😛  Anyhow, Fred and Paul became good friends and always hung out together. Till something happened almost a year ago.

What happened? I have no idea. In fact no one does, despite the incredibly highschoolic level of speed at which news and gossips travels at school. Fred has never told me, saying he doesn\’t know. And I\’m not close enough to Paul to ask.  Regardless, something happened. And from that point onwards, Fred and Paul no longer hung out and no longer spoke to each other.

Then this past Thursday, during Financial something or other class, Fred was nervously sitting in class waiting for the current presentation to be over. His team was next. Fred hadn\’t slept the night before, he hadn\’t really ate much, he was stressed from upcoming finals and he hated presenting.

Suddenly his arm flinched. Involuntarily, it flinched again. Uh oh he thought. Not now.

Paul is presenting. All of a sudden he hears a moan. Freds standing up at the back of the class and groaning. Whats going on? All of a sudden, Fred goes into seizures, his whole body violenting shaking. Paul is first to react and runs up and grabs Fred as Fred falls to the ground still shaking. Froth and blood start to come from Freds mouth, he\’s bit and cut his tongue. Paul holds his mouth open till he someone hands him a pen to stick between his teeth.

The firemen and eventually the ambulance come. Fred goes in and out of consciousness. They put him on the stretcher and take him to the hospital. Its Paul that goes with him, gives a statement to the authorities, sits by him at the hospital, and helps him take the cab back home when he\’s released later that night.

Alhumdulilah, Fred is completely fine now save some swelling around his mouth and just resting up. I visited him with some friends yesterday and he looked a bit tired but otherwise fine. In fact, one friend saw him and she said \”What? You look fine! I thought you\’d look sick or something.\”  And in general Fred seemed himself, even making a typical Fred comment like \”Guys…you should have seen some of the nurses at the hospital! I choose the wrong program!\”

Anyhow, I\’m glad he\’s ok. And I\’m glad Paul was able to react quickly to the situation. The story itself was quite scaring when I heard it from others.

I don\’t know what I should call this story…I\’ll just simply go with friendship.


7 responses to “Story#4 – Friendship

  1. I think you should… I had a similar situation once… the parent of a former friend died. I think we hadn’t talked in the whole year that she did something to me that was equally not to be talked about (like they didn’t tell you guys anything about what happened between them) but when it comes to a long friendship, I think its hard not to be there for the person when they need you the most.

    Surprisingly, I was there for her, she told me some stuff she needed done: little sisters sent to school, make some lunches, keep the keys to some rooms, etc, but after the funeral and the first week, we never talked again. It doesn’t feel bad or anything, it just seems a natural closure, you know? Just like it seemed natural for me to be there and for her to depend on me when she needed it.

    Gah, I don’t know how to explain.

  2. Wow, I have never witnessed a seizure but by the many accounts I’ve heard it freaks me out.

    Glad he’s ok, and give Fred my regards.

  3. Specs: I totally understand what you mean about it hard not being there for a person. I hadn’t really thought about it but you mention it reminds me I’ve too experienced something like that.

    Amir: I was really really scared just by Pauls retelling of the story! But yeah, thankfully he’s fine. You really couldn’t tell anythings happened at all.

  4. Wow…lovely story. True friends are like pink diamonds in this world, extremely rare and amazing. It makes me appreciate all the special people in my life.

    It’s when you’re in a crisis that you know who your true friends are.

  5. The situation definitely made me remember those I care about and how quickly time goes. Actually lots of things in my life are currently pointing out at quickly time can pass by.

    I also agree, true friendship and true character really show in situations like this.

  6. Nice story. I read somewhere good friends are one soul in two bodies. Must be some Japanese saying.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if theres a common variant of that across most cultures. 🙂

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