Pursuing Dreams

Rember this?

Well this makes me smile too ๐Ÿ™‚ And its from my favourite broadway show! I can just keep watching these again and again. I find it so amazing that these people can pretty much walk off the street and do this. So much hidden talent in this world. Its so so nice to see people like this suceed.

And this just makes me burst out laughing haha


4 responses to “Pursuing Dreams

  1. I think I must have seen Susan Boyle’s video about 20 times in a row; I CANNOT stop listening to her.

    I don’t know what others think of her but her voice had me in tears; its SO BEAUTIFUL.

    The man and his kid: I just don’t know what was funny! I just rolled my eyes but my siblings think it was fantastically entertaining and so do some other bloggers I got talking to about this. What’s funny in there!

  2. I know!!!!!! She’s amazing!!! It really is beautiful.

    The greek guys, I find it hilarious. Its totally making fun of the riverdance guy cause he does many of the same things but not in jest. And you have to like the close relationship between the two. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. the first one was pretty great – reminded me of Paul Potts.

    the second one was just funny haha I couldn’t stop laughing. But I know they won’t progress!

  4. The first is amazing! I hope she wins. The 2nd yeah i laughed a ton at that, but I really don’t know what they can do thats new for the 2nd round.

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