The Results Show Part 1

So about 2.5 months ago I started a Biggest Loser Competition with some friends. Then 2 months ago I started a 2nd competition with some other friends at school. While the first is still on going, the 2nd came to a close yesterday.

Now it was more of a motivation tool to go to the gym and get in shape than a real need to lose weight. Still during the last 2 weeks…..I wanted to win!

Unfortunately…..schools been utterly brutal lately and I haven’t been able to workout….I tried to compenstate through a rigid diet.

Breakfast: Cereal, usually honey nut cheerios or vector
Lunch: Typically Ice cream or cake 😛 Sometimes soup too.
Dinner: A regular dinner of either a burger or a shawarama, followed by a small bit of chocolate sometimes.
Midnight snack: More cereal.

In the end….

Randy lost 12 pounds.
Howards 11 pounds.
And myself…….10 pounds.


it was based on percentage weight loss! And I was the lightest to start off with. So in the end…….Howard still won 😦

He beat me by 0.07% ! Ah well, 173 down to 163. Not bad at all. We then all went for Dim Sum and ate….and ate…..and ate…..for 2 hrs…. haha…but actually there were 9 of us so we were hanging out too, not just pigging out.

Mmmm....dim sum...

Mmmm....dim sum...

Terry and the Leaning Tower of Dim Sum

Terry and the Leaning Tower of Dim Sum

Anyhow, I can’t wait till school is over and I can start working out again. And start playing some squash and tennis as well! The weather is finally start to feel warm 🙂


8 responses to “The Results Show Part 1

  1. now I want dim sum. I really like that restaurant… it’s the best in the area!

  2. Its the cereal, remember what I told you? haha. I gotta get down to your new weight too…but waiting for the weather to warm up so I can start running regularly.

  3. Geez that sounds like a nice diet!! Guys are so lucky 😛

  4. CAKE??? ICE CREAM??? Seriously??? That’s just crazy! I can’t believe you lost weight eating cake and ice cream for lunch every day! I’d be a whale!

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  6. The leaning tower of Dim Sum look awesome 🙂 And, ditto Ruby! Icecream for lunch?! Crazy!

  7. GeekiSiddiqui

    deuceexmachina: 🙂

    mezba: yeah, it is really good! We should go again sometime! next meetup? haha

    amir: i’m slowly going back up cause i’ve done nothing for 2 weeks but eat junk :S can’t wait for warm weather to start doing stuff outdoors

    azra: haha, its only b/c my total calorie count was low!

    ruby: haha, again its only b/c i didn’t eat very much overall.

    boba: hehe, oh it was! man, now I want dim sum again!

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