I’m so excited!

I’ve booked my tickets to Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Woohoo!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!

Now originally, I was going to meet my friends in Berlin late May and explore some of Eastern Europe with them. Since I’m not doing anything right now, I wanted to go earlier! So I looked into Egypt! But alas, with Petra and Jordan right there and so tempting….I don’t have time…..even if I did just Egypt…..the plane tickets when combined with the other stuff….just too expensive…..sigh, I had many nights pouring over info till 4am trying to figure out if I could do it or not…..but not this time……I’m well prepared with info for it when i do go though!

So then I was like hmm….Russia! Wow, the Kremlin looks amazing! oh I can take a train from here to here, and that looks cool, I have enough time for this, its awesome, its fantastic, it……takes 30 days to get a visa……blah…

Hmm…maybe Sweden, Norway, Finland! That would be wicked……but it’d also be cold……maybe…..

Spain! Its warm its fun, Lets go there! Oh and Portugal is right there! Maybe I could go Porto to Lisbon to Madrid to Barcelona, omg that would be soo wicked! And I have enough time to pull that off, lets do it! Oh……wow, tickets there are that much! sigh….

Many many many nights I spent till 2,3,4 am trying to figure out what to do. Actually many friends probably got annoyed with me asking them questions trying to figure out where to go and how indecisive I was. But the world is so awesome with amazing things to see! Can you blame me?

In the end, a plan was formed. And I’m super super excited about it! What is the plan? It is:

Toronto -> London -> Edinburgh -> Dublin -> Berlin -> Prague -> Munich -> Vienna -> Bratislava -> Budapest -> Istanbul -> Toronto!

If any of you have been to these places and have any tips for me on what to see/do/avoid please let me know! InshaAllah I’ll be off in about 8 or so days 🙂

Also, if any of you happen to be in these cities, let me know! It’d be awesome to meet up. Particularly for London, Dublin, and Istanbul as I’m doing those places on my own. Exciting and scary! Mostly exciting! I can’t wait! 😀


10 responses to “I’m so excited!

  1. I want to join!! Will try to go to Turkey earlier but we’re launching 1 June so I doubt it..But who knows
    I wish travel in Africa could be as cheap as travel in Europe. I was checking out flights to Spain earlier. I’m thinking of hopping over now in May maybe.


  2. In london check out greenwich its cool to wander around in summer. I always liked Notting Hill.

    Berlin is really historic…. keep an eye out for the different robots. It differs from what was East Germany and West Germany.

    Prague is beautiful but not much to do there. If you like going to clubs and stuff the biggest club in Europe is in Prague situated close to Charles Bridge. Every hour there are huge crowds that gather in the town square to see this old clock but dont blink or you might miss the show. Take a walk around the castle district.

    Munich was also nice although i didnt get to see that much there because I was there over new years and most things were closed.

    My advice is dont follow a strict pattern just wander around and I am sure you will find things off the beaten track.

    Hope that helps

  3. I’m SOOO excited for you!!! I wish I could come with!

    Its a pity that you’re going to be there earlier than I am…we could have met!

    But we will meet one day InshaAllah…maybe even in Toronto 🙂

    Do I even need to tell you that I’m all green with envy? 😀 Travel safely and enjoy every second!

  4. Wowzieeeeee!! That’s so cool! Such a nice comprehensive trip… remember to take lots of pictures… and best of luck! 🙂

  5. GeekiSiddiqui

    bb_aisha: Hopefully you can make it! I’ll email you the days I’m going to be in Turkey.

    Edge: Thank you so much for the info! Its definitely helpful! And makes me even more excited! 🙂 And yeah, I’ll have a list of stuff I want to do, but I’m definitely going to wonder around and just enjoy. I don’t want to just travel checkmark items 🙂

    Azra: 🙂 Yeah, the timing didn’t work out this time. But inshaAllah anothertime! You should definitely visit Toronto!

    Specs: hehe, I plan on taking a billion and 2 pictures. 🙂

  6. ooh ooh ooh Toronto! I’ve been there 😛 haha

    I’ve been to London, but that was when I was 8 or 9 yrs old, so no help. All I can say is, that it sounds like an amazing trip, and hope you have an amazing time.

  7. Oh and what I refer to as robots you guys call traffic lights

  8. Thats soooooo exciting!! I am hoping to do a grad trip too when I graduate Inshallah

    And congrats on finishing the MBA! You are now a pro at the art of bs-ing lolll

  9. Fantastic, you will have a lovely trip and I will get lots of insider tips when I do this next year! 😀

    Seems like EVERY one is doing Europe this year.

    Have a safe and fun trip. You certainly planned this all very quickly!

  10. GeekiSiddiqui

    amir: nice! you want to show me around kensington market and st. lawrence market? I still have to explore those places more. hehe. and thanks 🙂

    Edge: haha thanks. I actually looked those up cause I had no idea what you meant by robots! was gonig to email you about it but then saw your new comment 🙂

    M&M: Thanks! hehe, InshaAllah you’ll graduate soon and have an amazing trip soon 🙂 And when you do, I want to see pictures!

    mezba: haah, it really does seem like a lot of ppl are going! But then, ppl just graduated, its natural 🙂

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