Travel Bite #1

Hey all, I’m currently in Edinburgh, Scotland and so far the trip has been a blast! I’ll post pics when I can…or maybe just when I return, we’ll see. But for now here are some random thoughts I wrote down as I stopped here and there.

Before leaving I was obviously quite excited. But nervous as well. Would travelling on my own be fun or would I just be bored & lonely? For another part of me, it all just didn’t feel real. Till maybe the day or 2 before that is. Then, wow! I’m going to London. Not that just that but I’m going off travelling for almost a month! Craziness


The trip right from the start has been great. I made friends with the girl sitting next to me on the plane, Elham. She goes to the same University as me and we talked for awhile to kill time.

Side note: I really don’t like red-eye flights, very exhausting.


I’m sitting in Leicester square right now. Its about 8pm and |I’m freezing Brr.. London weather is really eratic. One minute freezing, the next I need to take my jacket and hoodie off. The only consistency is the wind. And all this stuff flying and hitting me in the face all the time.


Its’s 3am. I’m at the hostel in London. I have to take a early bus to the airport and I’m worried if I fall asleep I won’t get up and end up missing my flight. So tired!. I surfed the net for awhile but got bored. And I don’t like to spend too much time online, other than at night here. Feels like a waste of time. I’ve been talking to random ppl here to stay awake and kill time. Just met this guy named Francesco. Despite the Italian name he’s actually a Brazilian guy studying graphic design in London. Quite interesting some of the people you meet here.


‘m in Edinburgh now. Very beautiful town. Toured around for half a day but was exhausted from the early flight. Went for dinner. Nice places but food was pricy and nothing special so far. Its almost 1am now. Just sitting in the hostel. Theres a texas guy and a scottish guy here with me I’ve been talking to. Scottish guys pretty funny. Keeps losing his phone and room card every 2mins and then finding it at the bottom of his bag. Nice guys overall though, giving some tips about the city. I think I’ve already met more strangers on this trip than my last trip.


Are the any Australians in Australia? I think they’re all out backpacking! The country must be empty. And they all go for like 6 month – a year at a time. I wonder how they afford it all. Its almost a joke amongst backpackers. Everywhere you go you’ll find at least 1 australian. People have said they’ve seen a fair number of Canadians around too, but I haven’t run into any yet. Maybe later 🙂


Side Note #3: As you write, you think and hear the words in your head. Or at least |I do. These days I hear myself w/ a slight british or scottish accent. Its fun, I like it.


Grabbing lunch in Edinburgh. There’s the following ad in the pub. “Credit Crunch, Lunch! 2 can dine for £10.99”  10.99! £! Damn, the UK is expensive…


Ok, thats enough for now. I’m going to grab a bite somewhere then call it an early night. Tomorrow I have to get up super early. I’m taking a day tour of the scottish highlands and loch ness. Maybe I’ll even spot old Nessie! 😛


7 responses to “Travel Bite #1

  1. AHHHHH! love it! your trip sounds so exciting and it’s barely just begun! hope u continue to have a blast 😀 😀

  2. Have fun. Post some pictures on facebook, you have time to blog! 😀

  3. “And all this stuff flying and hitting me in the face all the time.” <– was any of that stuff hawt?

    I’m liking the thought of the-voice-inside-your-head changing accents.

    Meeting strangers seems like a fun experience!!

    Say Hi to Nessie and give her nose a rub for me.

  4. Man, the weather here SO sucks 😦 And Edinburgh is gorgeous – love it!
    Hope you have lots more fun!

  5. Sound fun man! So now I know when you messaged me it was to kill time…thanks, I feel special now…hahaha.

    BTW, Australians are EVERYWHERE!!! Even here in Vancouver. The I work with here is Australian, and I was telling him about this phenomenon earlier this year, and he was saying how Australians really have no where to go, as kids. They live on a huge island, so as soon as they hit 18 they travel. They hit europe first as its apparently the cheapest for them, and then they start seeing the rest of the world after that. When I went skiing during my last trip here, the majority of the people that worked at the mountain were Australian. You would swear you weren’t in Canada anymore had it not been for the snow!

    Anyways, this comment is long enough, enjoy the rest of your trip. We’ll chat in a couple weeks once I’m back in TO and we can plan mid june then.

  6. Z: Thanks, it was sooo much fun 🙂

    Mezba: Soon!

    Specs: Meeting ppl was a lot of fun! Its cool to learn about different ppl and where they’re from 🙂

    boba: Thanks 🙂

    Amir: lol 🙂

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