Travel Bite #3

First off, this kezboard is a bit different so excuse the mistakes. For example z = y Anzhow


Berlin, 1am. Had 2 dazs in Berlin. There is so much to do in this citz. I could easilz spend more than a week here. But with how things are in mz schedule 2 will have to suffice for this trip. I saw the Berlin wall todaz. It was just 20 zears ago. Just have to stop and think about that for awhile. Here I am taking a picture of both sides at the same time. 20 zears ago ppl were dzing trzing to get to the other side. 20 zears isnät that much.


I did a walking tour todaz. Walking tours in europe are great, i highlz recommend them. Fun, friendlz, energetic. 10mins after it ended though it was pouring rain. like crayz crayz rain so we ran for cover…….in the Reightstag haha. Bz the time we got to the top it had stopped though so we were freeying cold, but the view was great hehe


There is a girl in mz hostel from……..well i forget. somewhere in the USA but shes travelled across most of Europe and lived in several cities in europe all on her own. And shes onlz 20! And shes in a wheelchair! Verz impressive!


I just foudn out half mz room is Canadian! French Canadian, but still!

Tomorrow, Prague!


Iäve talked to a lot of people and overall, thez tend to spend more time in each citz. Not all of course. But manz. Thez see less places naturallz. Again, not counting the Australians who are out here for months  hehe. At times I wish I could have more time in places. Or at least do it at a more relaxed pace. I enjoz everzthing but it does get quite tiring. But Iäm hapz with mz choices. I feel this is like a sampler platter of Europe. 2,3 and somtimes 4 dazs in each citz. I know i will return one daz inshaallah, hopefullz with mz future wife. So iäll see things again then. For now I feel i see all the major things, can a small sense of the citz and move on. later Iäll sit and absorb it a bit more and mazbe find more hidden gems within the cities. Anzhow, I should sleep. I have to get up in 4hrs for a bus……but…..i reallz want to read mz book……ok  a few pages……..


sidenote i miss mz electric toothbrush….. i forget if i blogged that alreadz or not.


I didnät reallz make manz notes while in prague. iäll didnt sit and reflect on mz own there too much. or have too manz quite downtime moments. iäll blog about it when i return. but so its not entirelz excluded let me saz…..its abeautiful citz in terms of its natural beautz. some of its buildings are quite wonderful as well. its unfortunate that the buildings look kinda run down. things are being fixed and rebuilt though. and i can imagine how amaying it was before the war. also, after hearing some stories. those  czechs are smart ppl! remind me to tell the dupcheck storz later on


Iäm in Munich right now. Having an earlz dinner or late lunch, whatever zou want to call it. Its mz 2nd daz here. A bit chillz. I reallz like Germanz. Munichlike Berlin is verz nice. Lots of nice places to hang out. Lots of large pedestrian walk wazs. Numerous parks and lots of greenerz.


I went on  a short trip to Dachau todaz. Its a concentration camp. In fact it was the verz first concentration camp. The whole thing was onlz 4hrs but it was a tiring, heavz and sole experience. It was verz different than I expected as well. Both nicer and worse than I imagined. Iäll blog more about it when I return.


For the most part travelling is exciting and its trulz amaying to see the art and culture of different parts of the world. Everz once in awhile I stop and think how luckz I am to be able to do this. I also realiye how little I know. At times though, it also makes me feel quite sad. Iäm not sure how to explain it. Although I plan on returning one daz inshaAllah, part of it is that somethings I maz never see again. Moreover, even if I return thta moment, this moment, can onlz be lived once. From this, mz mind wonders to a tangent and I think about and remember how with some people, I will never have another moment.


I also sometimes think, when I see an old uniform, dress, claz pot, anicient tool, hut, whatever. Some one lived here, used this. Thez lived. Had childhoods, grew up, had happiness, sadness, etc. I wonder….


While German people as a whole are quite nice and friendlz, service at restaurants sucks! Seriouslz no tip for this guz. It almost annozs me enough to ruin mz meal.


9 responses to “Travel Bite #3

  1. HOW did the y and z get interchaged!!

  2. “I also sometimes think, when I see an old uniform, dress, claz pot, anicient tool, hut, whatever. Some one lived here, used this. Thez lived. Had childhoods, grew up, had happiness, sadness, etc. I wonder….” – I like this about travelling too.

    And I like how your keys are all messed up, makes it seem more real! 😀

  3. One sentence resonated. “….future wife”
    I feel the same, substitute husband for wife.

    My elder sister & I are travelling to Europe for 2 weeks Inshallah (I couldn’t get more time off work) We’ve decided to buy a Global Pass Saver & just see as many countries/ cities as possible.
    But we really want to go to Barcelona,Andalusia,Rome,Athens and Paris.

    She’s always wanted to go to Venice for her honeymoon, so no point going now.

    I’d rather see a little of everything now rather than alot of just one or two countries.

    And Inshallah, I’ll return to those places either to visit longer with my husband, or to work. But preferably with Mr Wadvalla:-)

  4. The switched keys makes you sound more foreign 😛 I just pretend you have an accent and forgot how to speak english..hahaha…CRAYZ!

    Your trip sounds like a lot of fun though. We all gotta hook for night out and get the full low down from you. Unless we do the road trip, i’ll just let you talk for the 8 hours, haha, don’t worry chocolate will be on hand to keep you going 😀

  5. omg, zou sound like zou are officiallz european. that was so cool, lol. i felt like i was hearing zou speak with a broken tooth and/or a lisp, lol.

  6. french keyboards suck..
    I like had to code on one..
    Looked like i re-wrote the matrix

  7. meow: thats just how the keyboards are setup

    liya: hehe 🙂

    bb_aisha: InshaAllah 🙂

    Amir: haha 🙂

    isheeta: lol, thankfully no lisps or missing teeth!

    killa: eew, coding in a non english standard would be a huge pain….i feel for you there

  8. I think I love your keyboard. *_*

  9. Haha, I’m happy to get back to my own regular one! 🙂

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