Aamirs Wedding

I just got back from my friend Aamirs Valima. Man, I have to say weddings are…..so much fun when you’re either close friends or related to the bride or groom. A lot of it is simply because you feel so happy for the person, but theres also the bit of craziness and fun stress that comes along with it. The last minute problems that you hurriedly have to solve, the running around, and of couse the making fun of 😛  Anyhow it all went well and I’m really happy for him. 2-3 more weeks its my friends Omar’s and then Shariq’s. Its really craziness, wasn’t highschool just….well ok highschool was awhile ago now…but still….craziness. Of course with all them getting married, everyone asks me when I’m going to get married. Well….no big annoucements here. Actually not only do I have no annoucements, I have nothing to even keep secret. haha. But this all does have me thinking….maybe I should start looking? Hmm…. We’ll see. Still lots of other things to sort out too.

Also with hanging out with a lot of family and friends recently. I think I’ve decided that unless I find a really really good job offer elsewhere, I really really just want to stay in the GTA. InshaAllah I’ll find something good here. Or at least just something 😛 haha


5 responses to “Aamirs Wedding

  1. Sounds busy, but fun.

  2. Marriage season is truly upon us, given Ramadan is round the corner!

    Hope you find something fast.

  3. Amir: It is!

    Mezba: I’m going to assume you mean a job right? 😛

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